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Running SEQ service with local account doesn't start up the Windows Service

I was attempting to follow the best practice advice:

It is best practice to use an unprivileged machine account to run the Seq service. This should be a local Windows account on the target server (by default Local System is used otherwise).

So I created a local user on the SEQ target machine and switched the Windows Service to run as this new user and tried to start SEQ again - however the Windows Service only briefly started up before automatically shutting down again. For troubleshooting I then gave the same user 'Full Control' to the default installation paths of SEQ (both programData and Program Files) - but it didn't make a difference.

I did this using the Windows Server GUI - so did not do anything with the SEQ cmd-line tool... Have I missed something? I guess that it shouldn't be necessary to add the same user as 'Full Control' to the SEQ folders? (and it also did not make any difference).

Are there any logs I can look at for troubleshooting or do you have an idea why this scenario could happen?