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Azure SQL as as a Metastore

I'm currently experimenting with running Seq in an Azure Web App. And yes, I know it is not the recommended way and so on an so forth. I know the risks, so what I want to do is:

  • Use premium storage for the File Share as I've read that the problem with corruption is less prominent on that tier.
  • Use Azure SQL as described here: as a MetaStore.

However, I find the documentation to be lacking (or I don't understand it correctly).
Should the connection string always be "Initial Catalog=seq-local;Integrated Security=True"? I assume you don't need the database to be called seq-local - or do you?
The value of SEQ_METASTORE_MSSQL_MSIRESOURCE - In what cases should this not be
And lastly, how should you set up the Managed Identity? Can it not be a System Assigned Identity?

I've tried giving it the SQL Server Contributor Role, I've tried setting it as admin of the database server, I've run the SQL-script shown in this article:

Nothing works...

So, some more details on this topic would be very much appriciated.