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Private libraries built by BaGet cannot be downloaded in SEQ


SEQ runs in docker,I built a private library with BaGet, but I could not download the library through SEQ. An error was reported during the download process, and the error log is as follows:
seq version:2021.2.6459

[08:54:34 INF] Applying 0 retention policies

[08:54:34 INF] Retention processing and compaction took 1.1208 ms; allocating 599998.8792 ms for indexing

[08:54:34 INF] Beginning indexing

[08:54:34 INF] Wrote 0 index sets in 6 ms

[08:54:34 INF] Indexing took 6 ms; total iteration time was 7.525 ms

[08:54:35 INF] Metrics sampled

[08:54:36 INF] Updated "nugetfeed-36"

[08:54:48 ERR] Unable to install package "Seq.App.Slack" vnull from "nugetfeed-36"

System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'value')

   at Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.Extensions.Value[T,U](IEnumerable`1 value)

   at Seq.Server.Features.Installation.Nuget.PackageRepositoryV3.FindPackageAsync(String packageId, SemVersion version)

   at Seq.Server.Features.Installation.AppPackageStore.GetOrInstallAsync(NuGetFeed feed, String packageId, String version, Boolean force)

   at Seq.Server.Features.Installation.AppPackageInstaller.DownloadAndInterrogateAsync(String nuGetFeedId, String packageId, String version, Boolean force)

   at Seq.Server.Features.Installation.AppPackageInstaller.InstallPackageAsync(String nuGetFeedId, String packageId, String version)

   at Seq.Server.Web.Api.AppsController.InstallPackage(String feedId, String packageId, String version)

[08:59:35 INF] Metrics sampled