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Seq Web App Will not Run


I've installed Seq on a server in our environment.
When attempting to load that via port 5314, the site can't be reached.
I've also attempted loading it locally, while on the server i.e. http://localhost:5314

I ran the following command from the cmd prompt and it resulted in the text which follows:
C:\ Seq run

Seq ♦ Machine data, for humans.
─────────── © 2021 Datalust Pty Ltd ────

Running as server; press Ctrl+C to exit.

[11:29:21 INF] Seq "2021.2.6459" running on OS "Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard"
[11:29:21 INF] Seq detected 4293.890048 MB of RAM
[11:29:21 INF] Opening event store at "C:\ProgramData\Seq\Stream\stream.flare"
[11:29:21 INF] Opening metastore "C:\ProgramData\Seq\Documents\default.quince"
[11:29:21 INF] Storage subsystem available
[11:29:22 INF] Seq listening on ["http://localhost:5341/"]
[11:30:22 INF] 1 more generation 2 garbage collection(s) occurred
[11:34:22 INF] Metrics sampled

I've opened the port on the firewall and am out of ideas.

Any idea why Seq won't run on this server?