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Can SEQ use a UNC shared folder path to store data?

We are putting together the implementation for SEQ on our solution. The infrastructure provider is providing the bulk storage through SAN. Can we store the data SEQ is collecting to a UNC shared folder path instead of a local drive mapping?

Looking for Seq documentation regarding deployment as a central log manager for a large server deployment

From reading the discussions on this site as well as the Seq documentation; I'm left with the belief that organizations are deploying Seq on a standalone server that is receiving log events from multiple application servers. I'm looking for any Seq documentation suggesting this is a recommended deployment strategy. Is there any documentation suggesting how many transactions per second a central server could reliably process? I'm also looking for Seq documentation describing how log events written to the Seq sink from an application utilizing Serilog are managed in an environment that experiences network disruption. I want to understand if there will be a loss of log events or if the sink will buffer these events.

Why Could not save current signal?

I tried to follow the instructions here: But I get an error when saving: Could not save current signal An unhandled error occurred while serving the request (token: a3ee99....). Some advice?

The connection for this site is not secure

Hi there. I did the MSI install for Windows with the default http only configuration. Everything seems to install fine but when I navigate to http://localhost:5341/ I get a 307 redirect and then the message "The connection for this site is not secure". I've been able to navigate other http only sites before so I'm guessing it's not the browser.

Whitespace in Property Name

We've been using Seq's ability to serialize complex structures into the structured message. When it comes to querying that data later on, for some collections that are indexed by string, seq uses the strings to access them via query. This is fine as long as the string contains no white space, but when the string is something like 'Input Power' there doesn't seem to be any way of accessing it via query. "select Telemetry.Input Power" => this doesn't work. Fails with ' unexpected identifier `Power`' "select Telemetry.Input%20Power" => this doesn't work. Fails with 'Syntax error (line 1, column 26): unexpected `P`, expected digit.' Is there any way to access a property with a white space in the name?

Sqelf in docker-compose - can't resolve hostname

I'm trying to use Sqelf to capture logging from a container in my docker-compose application. Using the simplest version of a docker-compose file I can manage, I am unable to properly connect to sqelf from the container that I want to capture logging from. I get the same error every time: failed to initialize logging driver: gelf: cannot connect to GELF endpoint: sqelf:12201 dial udp: lookup sqelf on no such host The docker-compose file I'm using looks like this: version: '3' services: sqelf: image: datalust/sqelf:latest depends_on: - seq ports: - "12201:12201/udp" environment: SEQ_ADDRESS: "http://seq:5341" restart: unless-stopped seq: image: datalust/seq:latest ports: - "5341:80" environment: ACCEPT_EULA: Y restart: unless-stopped volumes: - ./seq-data:/data redis: image: "redis:alpine" logging: driver: gelf options: gelf-address: "udp://sqelf:12201" If I remove the logging configuration from the redis service, redis starts just fine and logs to the console. If I inspect the docker network created by docker-compose and use the ip address of the sqelf container instead of the hostname in the gelf-address configuration, logging is correctly routed to sqelf and then to Seq. I'm stumped as to what the problem is or how to fix it.

intermittent down time in container

how can we do a setting for high availability for seq. currently we have issue for log the seq

Nuget package installation from scripts not from GUI

is it there any way of install the extension out of GUI. i Understand we do have option of installing Nuget package under/settings/Apps. our objective is to install that package through powershell. we don't want to install that manually. is it possible to do so?

Seq hosting recommendations

I'm considering using Seq for logging from multiple .NET apps. Some apps are ASP.NET Core web apps and some are .NET Core console apps. We run all of our apps on a well-provisioned Azure VM running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. I want to know if there are any caveats to installing Seq on this same server other than performance concerns. My main concern is than since this server is running IIS, I wouldn't want Seq to clash with IIS in any way. I can't think of why it would, but I wanted to make sure before I install Seq there. Thanks! Randy

Locked out of server after attempting Azure Active Directory integration

I followed the steps to add AAD integration for authentication. There seems to be two issues. 1. The redirect url in the login request is http and https as specified in the azure portal (the seq server is served at https) 2. When correcting the redirect url by editing inn the browser address bar, it complains about the client secret being invalid. So I am unable to get into the server to check/change the client secret

Milliseconds Display on Seq Events Display

I'm using Seq v51.3364 through Serilog. The events display shows the date time of the event with .000 as the milliseconds. If I hover on the timestamp the millisecond is displayed in the hyperlink. Is this a configuration option, a design choice, a bug? Are the entries displayed descending timestamp, including millisecond even though not displayed? (Is there a way to post an image with the question?)

HTTPS can't be accessed from internet

I've configured my Seq like this: api.ingestionPort=8111 api.listenUris=,http://localhost:8888 I've also associated the SSL certificate to the port 8111. If I try to access http://localhost:8888, everything works as expected. However, once I try to access, either via the machine where Seq is hosted or from another computer, I always get the following message: Error 403: "Forbidden." How can I fix this?

Logs download synchronously or asynchronously?

Hello I would like to know if Seq recovers web logs synchronously or asynchronously?

CORS header case sensitive

I'm currently running into a CORS issue that is intermittent. On chrome I'm getting preflight errors for CORS when it sends the preflight request with lower-case headers. However, when it sends uppercase headers it returns the proper response. Unsure if there are any ways to solve this?

How to try Seq only in development with zero impact on production

I followed the guide "Using ASP.NET Core" and developers can now evaluate Seq locally (using a Docker container and the personal license). We have not deployed Seq to any environment, but the code sample enables Seq regardless of environment. I have only added the Seq configuration to appsettings.development.json. What is the impact of this setup? Am I correct in assuming that without configuration (at least `ServerUrl`) the impact will be minimal?

LevelSwitches values

hi what are the values in the next parameter in "LevelSwitches": { "$controlSwitch": "Verbose" },? Thanks Dudi

Buying Seq and asking about the best practice to configure it in production environment for 2 production servers on load Balancer

We have 2 production servers that host all our web applications with Load balancer. Since SEQ storage path should be local then we can't install SEQ on both servers. My guessing is to install it on one of them only and configure it to use Https and point our Web apps to it. So My questions are: ============== 1-Is that a good practice or SEQ needs a separate server? 2-Is there any other hints to keep in consider for this scenario, as we are using SEQ for production and we want to make sure it suits beforehand? Your response would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

Audit Seq server for changes such disable authentication, add new users, etc.

We had couple of situations were Seq server settings (such as disable authentication, add keys etc.) are changed. How can I see the audit log of the Seq server so that I can see who changed authentication settings etc.?

Changing seq storage drive

I installed seq on my C drive, i am currently running out of space , so i added a new volume on my E drive which can accommodate my updated retention policy. how do i move seq from my C drive to E drive , without breaking things .

Seq and Notebook with Touchscreen

Hello, first of all, great work :) i love seq. But..., i see that seq is not touchscreen ready? I can't use anything in seq web. not scroll down/up. is there a plan to support touchable web :)?