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Seq sink not working using config file, works with programmatic configuration

Hello, I'm using Serilog on FW 4.7.1 but unable to get logging ingress to Seq server working. Works great with .net core. It works perfectly when using programmatic config but does not work with json config ''' { "Logging": { "IncludeScopes": false, "LogLevel": { "Default": "Warning" } }, "Serilog": { "MinimumLevel": { "Default": "Information", "Override": { "Microsoft": "Warning", "System": "Warning" } }, "WriteTo": [ { "Name": "Seq", "Args": { "serverUrl": "http://localhost:5341/" } } ] } } ''' Self logging shows the following error: ** 2020-01-20T16:07:30.1011678Z Unable to find a method called Seq. Candidate methods are: Serilog.LoggerConfiguration Sink(Serilog.Configuration.LoggerSinkConfiguration, Serilog.Core.ILogEventSink, Serilog.Events.LogEventLevel, Serilog.Core.LoggingLevelSwitch) Serilog.LoggerConfiguration Logger(Serilog.Configuration.LoggerSinkConfiguration, System.Action`1[Serilog.LoggerConfiguration], Serilog.Events.LogEventLevel, Serilog.Core.LoggingLevelSwitch) ** ***This does NOT work*** ''' var builder = new Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.ConfigurationBuilder(); builder.AddJsonFile(logCfgFileName, optional: false, reloadOnChange: true); var config = builder.Build(); mLogger = new LoggerConfiguration() .ReadFrom.Configuration(config) .CreateLogger(); ''' ***This works*** ''' mLogger = new LoggerConfiguration() .MinimumLevel.Debug() .WriteTo.Seq(@"http://localhost:5341/") .CreateLogger(); ''' What am I missing?? Thanks

Posted by Brian Brzozowski about a year ago