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Can't clear old events with retention set, in docker version with custom mounted data directory.

I ran the docker using a second mounted logic hard disk drive, located in /mnt/data. However, after I set the retention policy to keep logs for 2 days, I can still see old events in Extents folder.

Restore default dashboards

Hi, delete the default panel, as I restore it ?

Don't clear TO/NOW timestamp when searching FROM event

Steps to reproduce: 1. Open Seq in a browser tab 2. Set the TO timestamp box to "NOW". Let t_TO be this timestamp. 3. Wait for an event to be displayed. Let t_FROM be its timestamp. 4. Click the event 5. Click "Event" in the event 6. Click "Search FROM timestamp" Expected behavior: The FROM box contains t_FROM and the TO box contains t_TO. Actual behavior: The FROM box contains t_FROM and the TO box is empty. Workaround: Before step 6, copy the contents of the TO box to the clipboard. Perform step 6. Then paste the contents of the clipboard into the TO box. Discussion: When I investigate an issue, I find the first and last relevant events at sequenal log levels (first Information, then Debug, then Verbose) and limit my search by the timestamps of these events. By clearing one of the timestamp boxes when setting the other, I have to employ the above workaround. If I wanted the TO box cleared, then I would click the "x" on the right of the filled box. Of course there is nothing special about the relative roles of "TO" and "FROM" in this "question" (really a bug report).

Seq is unavailable. Failed to initialize storage: A document with id `license-server` was not found.

I'm attempting to deploy Seq in a Kubernetes cluster with the /data path mapped to a persistent volume, however every time I try to spin up the container with that directory mapped (and empty), I get this error when I try to load the webpage: Seq is unavailable. Failed to initialize storage: A document with id `license-server` was not found. I'm using the datalust/seq:latest image, that is currently 5.1.3200. Any ideas on how to get it working while ensuring that the data is persisted?

Machine Learning?

Interested in using Seq with the possibility of machine learning. Are we able to connect to the data store using something like Azure ML? How about using Power-BI?

Filter by log level numbers

In Seq dashboard, is there any way to filter logs by log level numbers? For example, assuming log levels are like below: ``` enum LogEventLevels { Fatal = 60, Error = 50, Warn = 40, Information = 30, Debug = 20, Trace = 10, } ``` Filter as: ``` LogLevel >= LogEventLevels.Information ``` to log information and above? I would be surprised if this is not supported because this is a very basic thing in any logging library. Thanks!

Counting values in collection

Hey! Say I have a log event like this: Log.Information("Food was ordered: {Food}", new[] { "pizza", "sandwich", "hamburger" }); Is there a way I can count and group by the values in the Food collection? Ideally I'd like to have a pie chart that counts all the foods that were ordered. If I simply do something like this: Select count(*) from stream where @EventType = 0xE918C3C9 group by Food then obviously that won't work since it just shows counts all the different combination of foods :) Thanks!

S3 Support for backups

It would be nice if the backups could be setup to go to AWS S3. Any potential for this feature?

Using Now in dashboard queries

Hi, I'm trying to display a table of the time since last event grouped by various parameters select Round(TotalMilliSeconds(Now() - max(@Timestamp)) / (1000 * 3600), 0) as HoursSinceLastEvent from stream group by Tenant, Application, StockImportName, StockExportName order by HoursSinceLastEvent And while this works great in the query editor, it doesn't work as a table dashboard widget, with the error message "The `for window()` directive cannot be applied to this query because of embedded temporal clauses." Somehow weirdly, it works as a line/bar/point graph, but not as a table. If I display @Timestamp instead of calculating the time since timestamp it works as a table

Seq Data on multiple machines

Hi, Is that possible to have the Seq data stored on more than 1 drive? We are currently looking at have Seq to store data across multiple drives. Thanks. Kind Regards, Steven


Is it possible to connect Seq to IBM QRadar... or Syslog or similar?

Multiple Apps logging to 1 instance logging strategy?

Hi, What is the recommended strategy when you have multiple web apps logging to a single Seq instance? I ask this as logging to a Seq instance just logs the information globally and I would like a way of filtering the logs based on which web app they belong?

Seq.Api.Client.SeqApiException: 404 - The resource `/api/events/signal` was not found on this server.

var expression = new SignalExpressionPart(); expression.Kind = SignalExpressionKind.Signal; expression.SignalId = "testsign"; var resultSet = await connection.Events.InSignalAsync( unsavedSignal: null, signal: expression, render: true, afterId: lastReadEventId); I got exception when try to get the result set.

Environment Separation

Hello, We are currently using the freebie seq logging and considering purchasing enterprise. One question we have is, within the UI, how can we separate logging from our various regions (Dev, Test, Staging, Prod)? Do we have to purchase a separate seq instance per region (hopefully not) or is there a way within a single seq instance to provide this separation? Thanks!

Question regarding backup files

Hello, Now that we use Seq on all of our application, space is going to be important and we need to have a smaller retention. In the idea of performing backups, what if we need to restore them for example to check what happened on a certain date? Is there a way we can put them online then delete after?

StartsWith vs Individual Exclude Performance

One of our logged properties is the Logger Fullname so an example would be "datalust.seq.operations.anotherthing" Now imagine we have a bunch of things under datalust.seq.common. From a performance point of view would it be okay to do create an exclude against StartsWith('datalust.seq.common') or should we do datalust.seq.common.class1, datalust.seq.common.class2 as individual excludes?

Support for OpenTelemetry

Do you support the OpenTelemetry specification ( Or do you support distributed tracing? More Details:

EmailPlus: Office 365/TLS support?

Hi! I am trying to set up mail notification using Seq.App.EmailPlus using SMTP on our Office 365 but fail to do so. One requirement to use the SMTP in O365 is to use TLS but I can't figure out if that is my problem or if the app actually uses TLS?

How to delete an API key?

I've got an API key that was created that we do not use and, for some reason, we cannot edit. I cannot find a mechanism for deleting an API key once it's created. Is there a way to remove this from our API key list?

Troubleshoot no logging using Serilog

Hi folks, I'm having a hard time with SeriLog & Seq. I did a fresh new install of Seq UI on my dev machine. Created a dummy Console app. Logger config is stored in app.config. The events logged by the console app are showing correctly in Seq. Then I try the same thing in my web application. Same config settings stored in the web.config and same events logging code. But Seq UI stays empty.... Tried to enable the SelfLog to log in the console while debugging but I get no message there either. Any clue about how to troubleshoot this if calling Log.Debug(... does not generate any exception and SelfLog does not show anything ? Thanks,