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Connection Timing Out

Hi, I have an SEQ instance that has been up for over 200 days and we are now getting connection timeouts. It's running in Kubernetes in a pod. I have tried proxying directly to the container and even running curl while execed into the container, however the result is the same, a timeout after a while. This is not reflected in the logs: ──────────────────────────────────────── Seq ♦ Machine data, for humans. ─────────── © 2019 Datalust Pty Ltd ──── Running as server; press Ctrl+C to exit. [03:57:28 INF] Seq "5.1.3200" running on OS "Linux 4.15.0-1052-azure #57-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 23 19:07:16 UTC 2019" [03:57:31 INF] Seq listening on ["http://localhost/", "http://localhost:5341/"] [03:57:31 INF] Seq using canonical URI "" [03:57:31 INF] Opening document store "/data/Documents/documents.lmdb" [03:57:31 INF] Opening event store at "/data/Extents" [03:57:31 INF] Available storage engines in order of preference are ["FLARE"] [03:57:31 INF] Cache warm-up is required [03:57:31 INF] Storage subsystem available [03:57:31 INF] Started "sqelf" process 84 for "appinstance-28" [03:57:31 INF] Started "Seq.Apps.GenericHost" process 83 for "appinstance-18" [03:58:08 INF] Deduplication buffer renewed on reaching {"Schemata": 467, "Strings": 116819} [03:58:54 INF] Deduplication buffer renewed on reaching {"Schemata": 397, "Strings": 135727} [03:59:56 INF] Deduplication buffer renewed on reaching {"Schemata": 332, "Strings": 163272} [03:59:56 INF] Cancelling segment warm-up to avoid swapping [03:59:57 INF] Initial memory cache warm-up "completed" in 146023.9995 ms [03:59:57 INF] 125 segments warmed up ({"Schemata": 176, "Strings": 1891}) [04:06:13 INF] Memory is overutilized, so cooling down segment "2020-06-04T19:00:00.0000000Z" (469847 events) Does anyone know what's going on or how I could better troubleshoot this? SEQ is giving me no information

Posted by Anthony Murphy 28 days ago