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Cannot get logs to seq in production.

I have seq setup on our production web server. I have two applications sending to it, one works the other does not. I can log to seq to that server FROM my local machine, but when I run the application from the server it does not log.

What's the easy to understand and decode Seq error log?

What's the easy way to understand and/or decode Seq error log?

installation of SEQ using Dutch regional settings

I had a problem with the installation of SEQ. It didn’t install at the server due to error message. I found a workaround for it; It seems that the error was caused by the fact that the server was using Dutch regional settings. After changing the region to “English – US” the problem was “bypassed” and SEQ started working. Not a nice solution. Please advise. Unhandled Exception: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at System.Globalization.CultureData.GetNFIValues(NumberFormatInfo nfi) at System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo..ctor(CultureData cultureData) at System.Globalization.CultureInfo.get_NumberFormat() at System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo.get_CurrentInfo() at Seq.Server.Cli.Features.ListenUrisFeature.<Enable>b__6_0(String v) at Seq.Server.Cli.Platform.Option.Invoke(OptionContext c) at Seq.Server.Cli.Platform.OptionSet.Parse(String argument, OptionContext c) at Seq.Server.Cli.Platform.OptionSet.Parse(IEnumerable`1 arguments) at Seq.Server.Cli.Platform.Command.Invoke(String[] args, TextWriter cout, TextWriter cerr) at Seq.Server.Program.Main(String[] args)

Fail to install Seq on a machine with Dutch regional settings

a workaround is switching to the regional setting to English US. Is this a known issue? Is there an ETA for a fix?

Sink capacity

We are using Serilog.Sinks.Seq to send events to Seq Server, we are planning to upgrade to latest version of Seq which would cause the server to become unavailable. When the Seq server becomes unavailable, how long will our apps hold onto log events (and how many) before they start being lost forever?

GELF Input stops processing events

Hello, I'm using GELF Input in seq and everything is working fine. But after 48 hours interval GELF input stops processing any new events. When I restart seq service new events start show in seq again. This process is repeating, I must periodically restart seq service to keep GELF Input working. Is there any options how to detail log GELF Input app to debug why after some time stop processing incoming messages?

Seq C# API - AfterID and StartAtId

Can I get some clarification on afterID and startAtID? Based on what I'm seeing it looks like afterId actually means "events that occurred chronologically 'before' event x". is startAtId synonymous with afterId or is it opposite (meaning you find events occuring 'later' than startAtId)?

Improved data visualization for Json payloads

I love the ability to "drill" into a log event's nested JSON, for example if I click on the Charges element below, it expands to show me all the charges in the list. Very cool. {... ChargeDate: "2019-05-03T00:00:00.0000000", DefaultDueDate: "2019-05-01T00:00:00.0000000", ResponsibilityType: "Sole",, AmountMethod: "FixedAmount", Amount: 10, Multiplier: null, BillingDistSetting: {…}, Distributions: […], Charges: […] ...} But, when I view that list of charges, its just a wall of JSON. It would be helpful if there was a better data visualization story to make it easier to read. Maybe a tree view of the json.

Change systemsettings using config/ environment variables?

Hi, I was using the docker version of Seq but found I would like to change the Raw Payload Maximum Content Length & Raw Event Maximium Content Length settings (which can be found in system settings) Is there any way of doing this somehow without actually going to the system settings page manually, but configure this in a docker-compose or startup script? Thanks in advance, Vincent

Is there a way to see first N messages for a filter?

We log all messages with a correlation id and I need to see the first 100 messages for a specific correlation Id. I have a signal for the Correlation Id filtering and then I'd like to be able to do something like.. select @Message from stream order by time desc limit 100 but this won't work due to restrictions on usage of time. Id won't work either.. so is there any way to accomplish this?

SEQ v5.1 Could not load diagnostics

When entering the diagnostics pages, I have got an unhandled error occurred while serving the request.

Deployment To Server

Hi , I need guide for deploying Seq in to server or production. in local host it is working fine.

Shared, protected workspaces not visible to non-admin users

It seems that shared, protected workspaces are not visible to non-admin users. If I unprotect the workspace, it shows up as expected for those users though.

Seq+win-acme (Let's Encrypt certficate)

Good day! Is there any way to make friends Seq and win-acme (Let's Encrypt SSL certificate auto-updater)? Perhaps it's possible to add Seq as a IIS site? (win-acme allows to update sites certificate) And thank you very much for that great tool!

With the trial license are you able to listen to anything other than localhost:5341?

I have installed SEQ (Windows 2016) and the trial license I was provided. On the server I can get into it with http://localhost:5341. But unable to do so with FQDN: http://servername.x.local:5341 I have disabled Windows Firewall completely and still no go. I have tried different ports to no avail. my last attempt I had the config below. So is the trial license limited to only accepting connections with the name localhost? "listenUris": [ "http://serverA.x.local:53411/", "http://localhost:5341" ], And the log: {"@t":"2019-04-15T17:17:14.5992291Z","@mt":"Seq {SeqVersion} running on OS {OSCaption}","SeqVersion":"5.1.3000","OSCaption":"Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter","SourceContext":"Seq.Server.Features.Diagnostics.EnvironmentInformationWriter"} {"@t":"2019-04-15T17:17:14.6459601Z","@mt":"Running in Windows Service host"} {"@t":"2019-04-15T17:17:15.5066816Z","@mt":"Seq listening on {ListenUris}","ListenUris":["http://serverA.x.:53411/","http://localhost:5341/"]}

Migrate ESENT to Flare

Hi team, Is there an easy way to force a migration of our ESENT data to Flare? From [here]( > One important note: Seq uses a rolling 7-day extent mechanism to switch between storage engines. If your Seq server is currently using ESENT, upgrading to the new build won't result in a storage switch until the end of the current 7-day period, and benefits of the new storage engine won't become visible until the older ESENT data ages out (existing data won't be moved automatically to the new engine). We have a 365 day retention policy on one of our Seq instances and if my understanding is correct we'll have to wait 365 days to be 100% Flare-based. I'm also eyeballing [this issue]( which suggests that some queries would be slower (for up to 365 days?) if we go back as far as the ESENT-based data. I was hoping for something like a `seq migrate-storage` command line that could run with the server offline rather than jury-rigging some sort of event export from one instance to a new instance. Thanks in advance.

SEQ Logging in an async task

Hi, We have a c# windows service that uses SEQ logging successfully throughout. However, the service executes an async task that performs a logon to a 3rd party application. Log statements within the task do not appear in the log stream. We have confirmed that the log statements are being executed under debug, we have tried both the static Log instance and an instance injected into the class. Are there any issues logging within an async task or anything additional we need to do?? Thanks Pete

Seq in docker - gives response Error Forbidden

Hey, I'm using Seq in Docker for Desktop - it was working fine for couple of weeks - but today it started to give me 'Error Forbidden' responses when I try to access dashboard. I'm running it locally in single user mode. I've tried to remove container & image - and recreated it - but the problem persists. Any ideas? Thanks

Collapse "signals-groups" by default on page-init

hello, is it possible that the "signal-groups" are collapsed by default? We've grouped a lot of signals and it looks chaotic if they're all uncollapsed on page init. Thank you!

Support for AD groups in

To my knowledge automatic provisioning for user level access works only for individual users part of specified group in System -> Automatic provisioning group field. Any plans to add support for AD groups added to this AD group? I hope I'm clear enough with this one. :)