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Seq won't run locally

Hey there, We use Seq in production, and our project config all point at `localhost:5341` for logging in Dev mode, so I've been running Seq locally for a while now and find it very useful for debugging. I've recently had to wipe and reinstall my laptop, and now I can't get Seq to run locally anymore: - install works fine - setup with HTTP (not HTTPS) endpoint `http://localhost:5341/` (default) - no thumbprint - service reconfigures successfully When I *Browse Seq* or hit the URL directly, I get redirected to `https` then get an SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR from chrome because no cert is bound. When I configure this to use SSL (using the thumprint of the LOCAL_MACHINE localhost cert) it "works" fine, but license blocks me from querying the logs. Not sure if it's related, but when I go to reconfigure it, the defaults are always there - even when I set up SSL + thumprint. Not sure where the http->https redirect is coming from?

Archiving Log Data

We're looking at using Seq to log telemetry from multiple devices, with multiple properties per telemetry object. What is the recommended way to archive specific Seq log events? For example, if we wanted to go through historical log events and store the telemetry data in a MongoDb, what would be the best approach? Also, is there a way to configure the type of data store that Seq uses?


Hello! What limits are you setting for input traffic? I mean, how much gigabytes we can store and how much maximum speed (in MB/sec)? How long do you store data?

Email Notifications with Local Time

My Seq installation is running on a machine in UK time, currently UTC +01:00. All of the servers logging to it are in the same time zone. I have an email notification app set up (Digest Email, up-to-date), using the default template from the github repo. This specifically includes the time as "LocalTimeStamp", but it is always displayed as +00:00. I've looked at the events in Seq using the "Raw JSON" view, and the timestamps there are all in UTC too. Seq UI displays times in local as expected, but the event data itself seems to have all times converted to UTC and therefore the time zone is unavailable to the LocalTimeStamp property. I cannot see a setting to control this behaviour. Is there any way I can get LocalTimeStamp to actually be local rather than UTC? I'm not massively bothered whether this is achieved by storing the timestamps in whatever they were recorded in, or by conversion to local before they are passed to the Apps.

single-user license warning. Log queries have been disabled for ten minutes

There is only a singe user of seq on this machine, however I frequently get the message "The single-user license only permits one user to access Seq. Log queries have been disabled for ten minutes"

Grouping of signals

This is not a question so much as a feature suggestion: Because we have ended up with a _lot_ of signals, it would be great if we could organize signals in the UI into some sort of tree or folder structure to make it easier to find stuff fast. It's a really, really great product.

Single quotes in query string

My team are trying out Seq, one of the issues that we are facing is when sharing links for filtered results the query string contains single quotes which when pasted into something like Slack the trailing quote is ignored. Presumably it is expecting the single quote to be escaped as %27. /#/events?signal=(signal-17~signal-15)&filter=CorrelationId%20%3D%20%2798df009c-681c-4e6f-93c8-29eaa0ef8a10' Is there a way to resolve without waiting for a code fix?

How do I send issues / suggestions with the docs?

Hi, Super cool product, love using it and it significantly reduced time to fix issues. If I find issues on the docs, how do I tell you guys about it? 1) On this page: The email example has a broken link to an old GitHub page. 2) The example of the list of properties is great, but I reckon the most obvious use case it to grab the "Environment" property associated with the API Keys and use that in the email title for alerts. That way, when I get an alert email, I'll know whether its UAT, Staging or Production. I'm pretty sure its something like: Error happened in {{$Properties["EnvironmentCode"]}} But it would be great to have an example like that.

Error writing storage, 1000 directories!

Hi, I'm importing a lot of old events from different sources to provide an ad-hoc reference, but during the import I get this message: An error occurred writing to event storage. I looked at the "extents" directory, and that contains exactly 1000 directories. If I add an event that is written in an existing directory it succeeds, but if it needs to add another directory it fails. Is Seq, by any chance, limited to 1000 directories? Is there a way to extend this limit? Much appreciated

Dark Theme?

Hi, I don't suppose anyone has a decent dark CSS theme for Seq they could share? Cheers.

How to add an external clickable link to the Seq Log?

Hi, Is it possible to add an external clickable link to seq UI? if not any plan to add that feature to seq? Thanks, Suresh

can we write subquery in SEQ UI?

can we write subquery in SEQ UI?

Dashboard Alerts with a templated subject line

Hi, I've set up some dashboard alerts which send emails. I'd ideally like to be able to use the same app for all the alerts. Can I pull out information relating to the alert in a template? Particularly the subject line. Ideally the subject would include the dashboard widget that the alert came from. In the default alert body this comes through as Dashboard Name\Chart name (as in "alert condition {condition} detect on {dashboard name}\{chart name}"). Thanks, Dan.

Dashboard Alerts Write to Stream

I have some dashboard alerts setup to send notifications to Email+ when they are triggered, is there a way to also write the alert to the event stream so I can use queries to find any alerts that have been triggered?

Nested properties syntax

Hi, I'm trying to filter and count some http request based on some values in headers. So far it is working on simple names like RequestHeader.Accept, but it's not working when nested property has dash in its name like RequestHeader.Accept-Encoding. Query from stream always returns null for that property. Is there some different syntax to make it work? Thanks, regards, Vladimir Mihok

Default event retention

Just with our testing of Seq and development of a use-case, we have noticed that events are being automatically deleted after 7 days. Is this a default setting? Or a feature of the free version? Many thanks, James

How to extract Hour of Day of an event

I'd like to produce a histogram-style chart that shows how many occurrences of an event there are in each hour of the day, over whatever range of time, e.g. if an event only occurs at 13:05 and 13:56 each day, then if I look at the current day only, then I would expect to see the bar for 13:00:00 to 13:59:59 have a value of 2 and all others 0. If I expanded the date range to include yesterday and the day before, I would expect the bucket for 13:00 to 13:59 to count 6, etc. It doesn't look like there is a way to access elements of the datetime, e.g. day, day of week, month, year, hour, minute, second? (Converted to my local timezone of course).

Login Lost

Hi all We have moved our Seq Server to a different location and now try to enter the license key. We cannot find it in our Email history nor do we receive an Email for password Reset. our Email Adress is [email protected], the Company is Cat Financial Products AG. Could you please assist in recovering the account to login and get the license key? Cheerz Sascha

Maintenance period expiration & upgrade

Hi all, We have (had?) an enterprise license for Seq until today. It just expired. I plan to kick off the customer renewal of this license, but in the meantime was hoping to complete an upgrade. We are currently running 3.4.20, but I know the current version as of today is 4.2. My question is: Given that Seq v4.2 is the latest version, do I have the right to upgrade to any version up until 4.2 at this point? Or do I only have the ability to do any upgrades while under license agreement? If I was to attempt to upgrade today, what is the latest version I'd be allowed to take Seq to? As I mentioned, I'm certain we'll renew the license, but I want to make sure I adhere to the rules during the time when the business is in the process of renewing. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Seq Apps error on @Level

I am seeing an error across various apps when I route an event from SEQ that has @Level = "DEBUG" `System.ArgumentException: Requested value 'DEBUG' was not found. at System.Enum.EnumResult.SetFailure(ParseFailureKind failure, String failureMessageID, Object failureMessageFormatArgument) at System.Enum.TryParseEnum(Type enumType, String value, Boolean ignoreCase, EnumResult& parseResult) at System.Enum.Parse(Type enumType, String value, Boolean ignoreCase) at Serilog.Formatting.Compact.Reader.LogEventReader.ReadFromJObject(Int32 lineNumber, JObject jObject) at Seq.Apps.GenericHost.AppHost.<SendAsync>d__19.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw() at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at Seq.Apps.GenericHost.Program.<Main>d__0.MoveNext()` I have seen a similar error when trying to parse these "DEBUG" levels in my Seq.App code and I resolved by ignoring case on the Enum.Parse call: `(Serilog.Events.LogEventLevel)Enum.Parse(typeof(Serilog.Events.LogEventLevel), "DEBUG", ignoreCase: true);` SEQ seems ok with the casing on these levels, but the app host (or the Seq.App lib) doesn't like it. I can look into fixing the casing upstream but is there anything I can do in SEQ to workaround the issue in place? Thanks!