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Support for SourceLink

It would be great if exceptions could work with SourceLink. An example is

Upgrade seq

I'm looking to upgrade our current Seq instances from3.2.16 to the most current version (4.1.17). Is that upgrade path supported and is there anything special I'll need to do or consider beforehand?

Logging ASP.Net Core

Hello, I am evaluating Seq in our ASP.NET Core project. I used configuration which you present on your website.Everything works when request started. I would like to log information about errors when application is in startup mode. For example: public void Configure( IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env, ILoggerFactory loggerFactory, IAntiforgery antiforgery) { // nlog config loggerFactory.AddConsole(LogLevel.Warning); loggerFactory.AddDebug(); loggerFactory.AddSeq(Configuration.GetSection("Seq")); //... } Let's say that after adding Seq some exception occur then I would like to have that information in seq logs. Right now it doesn't work. Kind Regards

seq compact vs compact: true

Hi, Could you describe us a difference of benefits between: 1. compact: true Seq 3.3 accepts Serilog's more efficient compact JSON format. To use this, configure the sink with compact: true: .WriteTo.Seq("http://localhost:5341", compact: true) 2. seq.exe compact Thanks for any suggestions!

Running SEQ in Docker on Linux

Hi, I'd like to run SEQ internally within my ACS cluster. Is it possible to run under Mono or .NET Core? Preferably, is there a docker image which is ready for use?

Using current DateTime in queries

Is it possible to filter using the current time, e.g. everything in the last 10 minutes? @Timestamp > DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(-10) Core 2.0

Are there any significant changes with implementing SEQ with Core 2.0?

Viewing context around a log entry

Usually the way I use logs is I search for an event, then I want to determine what happened immediately before that even to lead up to it. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but is there a way to jump to a particular point in time directly from a log event? If I search for an event I'm interested in I don't see any way to look at the events right before and after that event except manually putting the start and end time into the date/time boxes and then deleting the search criteria. I would imagine this would be a pretty common use case, so is there a shortcut for this that I have just missed?

Error: "Seq is unavailable. Failed to initialize storage: Primary index is corrupt. The database must be defragmented or the table deleted."

What do I need todo to fix this? I have removed seq restarted reinstaled etc.

How to find a sub collection element within a collection

I am trying to filter Devices from something like this: MethodExecutionArgs [{ MethodName: "GetService", Paramters: [{ Name: "TestOne", Devices: [{ DeviceID:"122-45665", DeviceName: "Test Devices", DeviceType: "Test" }] }] }] I can use MethodExecutionArgs.Parameters[?].Name like 'TestOne' to find this record, but when i tried to use MethodExecutionArgs.Parameters[?].Devices[?].DeviceID like '122-45665' I cannot find anything. Is this the correct expression to filter sub collections? Thanks

Can clusterize two Seq environments?

Hi! I want to know if i can clusterize a Seq's environment, and i want to know if i can storage data into a SQL DataBase. Reguards

Does SEQ provide API to work with application?

Hi, Does SEQ provide API to work with it? We use it for number of projects\environments and I'd like to automate new API keys creation and configuration. Thanks.

Slack notifiier is not working for dashboard alerts

The slack notifier works well, but if it is configured to be used on the dashboard alerts, it throws an error. I posted details also on github: I hope you someone can help.

Docker installation

Dear all, We are creating a brand new product based on microservices architecture, and one of the components we are investigating is about how to centralize logs coming from our services (a set of independent DotNet core web api). We land on serilog, really powerful library, but we don't want waste our time on developing also an WEB UI to read log as also to care about on retention policy. What we are looking for is a product like your Seq (or like Splunk, etc.) but one of the business requirements is to be deployable on Docker Container (in real on Swarm as a service). I noticed that your amazing app need .Net Framework and it is not ready to work with .Net Core. So our question is: Are you planning a porting on DotNet Core? In case when you suppose to release?

querying dictionary property

Hi, I have a property that is a dictionary, like this: dbdata: {INTEGRATIONID: "2453466", INTEGRATIONSTATUSTYPEID: "161001", OMSORDERID: "", STARTEDON: "26.4.2017 13:59:49", COMPLETEDON: "26.4.2017 13:59:49", SERVICENAME: "OrderService", SERVICEMETHODNAME: "getOrders", REQUESTACTION: "", RESPONSEACTION: "", ERRORMSG: "", LOGAPIID: "2453465", SENDTOCDRLOGGER: "26.4.2017 13:59:49"} How can I query for a specific value? dbdata['LOGAPIID'] = "2453465" doesn't seem to work, nor any other permutations that I tried, except dbdata[?]= "2453465"

Seq-NLog cant use layout "level"

I want to write loglevel into Seq and use config: <target name="seq" xsi:type="Seq" serverUrl="" > <property name="Laeavel" layout="${level}"/> </target> but its dont work. If I write: <target name="seq" xsi:type="Seq" serverUrl="" > </target> Its work. And work this: <target name="seq" xsi:type="Seq" serverUrl="" > <property name="SourceContext" value="${logger}" /> </target> but first case dont work. Why Seq-NLog cant use layout "level"?

Selective deletion

I have a job which is run on a schedule several times a day. Most times there is no work for it to do, but it still writes log entries as it runs. All these log entries for a run are tied together with a correlation id. I'm only really interested in these log entries if the job found some work to do *or* an error happened. Is there a way to automatically delete all entries for a given correlation id either based on the fact a "no work found" entry was logged?

Parameterized Dashboards

Hi, Would it be possible to parameterize a dashboard? For example we want the same dashboard for Dev, Prod, Uat etc. etc. A drop down to pick which one you want would be nice. Thanks, Cathal

Can we group logs with service name?

Hi all, I have built a microservice with many apis. When i use Seq, these logs of all service is displaying at one screen. So, it is very difficult to view, search and track log. So, i have a question, can we group these logs of all services with idenity name or ip?

LMDB backend and WMI

Does the LMDB backend use WMI? I have a Seq instance where ingestion rates are high and WMPrivSE uses a full core.