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Count of distinct values

Hello, we are logging every http request with domain account of user in a property. Currently we have a query with total request count on dashboard and it works fine. But we were unable to create a query to show number of distinct active users over period of time. Something like this would be needed: select count(*) from (select distinct(UserName) from stream where @EventType = 0x11111111 group by time (5m)) Or is there any other way to achieve this without a nested select? Regards, Vladimir

SEQ for .Net 3.5?

Hi there, Love the product. I have a web app that has yet to migrated to 4.5. Do you have a version that is compatible with .Net 3.5? If so, is it accessible through Nuget or can you point me to the download location? I look forward to your response. Thanks, Matt

Enable compression on seq responses for browser?

I noticed by looking at chrome network log that seq doesn't seem to gzip responses. Is this an option I accidentally checked out or it's currently not supported?

RAM usage and dashboard responsiveness

We've started having a strange issue with SEQ over the last couple of days. The responsiveness of the dashboard has decreased, at times it seems to hang as it's waiting for data. This led me to have a look at our server to check the logs and see if there are any issues. Within the Task Manager I can see that the Seq Server is using about 20% CPU and only 212MB of RAM...this seemed a bit strange given I have seen the Seq process take up a lot more. The only other time I had seen this was when a corruption within one of our extents was causing problems, but this is not the case now. I checked the logs and noticed that over the last couple of days we are seeing a large number of DiskReaderLimit messages like the one below: `{"@t":"2017-05-30T22:09:51.2487661Z","@mt":"Waited {WaitSoFar} so far for one of {DiskReaderLimit} disk reader slots","@l":"Warning","WaitSoFar":"00:00:12","DiskReaderLimit":5,"SourceContext":"Seq.Storage.Events.EventStore","RequestId":"0166d25e-4801-4100-897a-3cadbde9c9f3"}` The Event Viewer is clear of any issues, so I am not sure where else to look. Any help would be appreciated.

How to Pronounce?

I realize this is a bit silly, but to save us from office strife, can you tell us how you pronounce Seq? "Seek"? "S E Q"? Also, what is the origin of the name?


We are exploring using SEQ to log some events that might include sensitive information, is there a way to use encryption with SEQ?

Exporting large amount of events using HTTP API

Hi, I have a SEQ DB with more than 10million events stored. I am trying to extract all these events to another system. I'm trying to use the .net API InSignalAsync method to loop through all events. For example, because I want to get all events, I'm trying this : var resultSet = await seq.Events.InSignalAsync( filter: "1=1", render: true, afterId: lastReadEventId, count:int.MaxValue); with the results of the task timing out (if I use a large count value like here... ) Since documentation is somewhat sparse on that matter on, can you provide a way, or help to effectively loop through the complete set of events contained in SEQ. Thanks

Seq App Debugging

Hi, I am trying to develop a custom SEQ.APP. Is there any way to debug an app - is the "work in progress" seq-dev-apphost project still alive ?

Seq log4net with website

Hi, I try to use seq with log4net. It works with a simple console application (c#) But it doesn't work with an ASP.NET website: nothing is displayed in the server console. My appender is ok (I do copy/paste between the console project and the website project). I get no error but nothing is logged. Any idea? Thanks

Can't start Seq Event Server and Web UI service

Hi All, I have just installed 4.0.60 and am getting an error trying to start the "Seq Event Server and Web UI service". I get the same error with 3.4.20 as well. I get the following error in the Event Logs "A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Seq Event Server and Web UI service to connect." "The Seq Event Server and Web UI service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion." If I go to the Services control panel to start the service manually I get the same error, and it happens immediately. This doesn't timeout after 30 seconds. I have checked C:|ProgramData\Seq\Logs and this directory is empty. Any ideas on how I can track down why this won't start Thanks in advance, Pete

Moved SEQ lost all data and settings

I have attempted to move my SEQ from c:\ProgramData >> e:\SEQ, where I have more space. I have given LocalSystem full access to the new directory, I have stopped, uninstalled,moved the SEQ folder, re-installerd with the --storage parameter, installed and started. When I now log in, there is no data in SEQ, my API keys were gone, my license was gone and my signals where gone. Please advise!

Starting an instance as a subdomain does not work

I have a ASP.Net web application that initialises using Seq App settings configured with prefix to use two separate sinks. The application uses Serilog sink for Seq <!-- Settings for system logger --> <add key="system:serilog:using:Seq" value="Serilog.Sinks.Seq" /> <add key="system:serilog:write-to:Seq.serverUrl" value="" /> <add key="system:serilog:write-to:Seq.apiKey" value="l9SVJ6HQeIgNozBTlc5W" /> <add key="system:serilog:minimum-level" value="Verbose" /> <!-- Settings for audit logger --> <add key="audit:serilog:using:Seq" value="Serilog.Sinks.Seq" /> <add key="audit:serilog:write-to:Seq.serverUrl" value="" /> <add key="audit:serilog:write-to:Seq.apiKey" value="l9SVJ6HQeIgNozBTlc5W" /> <add key="audit:serilog:minimum-level" value="Verbose" /> I also have two instances of of seq deployed as When I start the web application I do not see any messages logged to these instances. I checked the Ingestion log but it did not show me any errors. However if I change the seq instance and the app settings to everything works. Note that this is a test environment and in both cases I have a entry in the etc/hosts file for the hostname and it is mapped to loopback ip address. The web application and Seq are on the same host.

How to export extents to a new Seq instance without forwarding?

Hi Nick, I was wondering if there was an easy way to copy all of the extents from one Seq instance over to another instance? I realise this can be done with the Replication app, but I'm worried that forwarding a huge number of events will be extremely slow and that "some events may be dropped" as you note in the documentation. I tried copying the extents folder to the new instance, but that didn't work. I was hoping it would be that simple. Thanks for your help

Named instances & versions

What is the best way to support two named instances on the same machine (test & prod) and have the test instance run the _next_ version of SEQ? I noticed the way I have it setup now they point to the same exe. We would like to run the pre-release version as our test instance. Thanks!

Dynamic Logging Levels + Web.config transformations -- is this approach correct?

Hi all, My goal is to: * Have a base Serilog config (Web.config) which uses no API key and has a debug level of information. * Have transforms (e.g. Web.Stage.config) which may / may not supply & API key, and which defer to Seq on logging levels (but also supply a default in the config). My current base `Web.config` reads: ``` <!-- Serilog / Seq Logging Configuration --> <add key="serilog:minimum-level" value="Debug" /> <!-- Logging Levels: Verbose, Debug, Information, Warning, Error --> <add key="serilog:using:Seq" value="Serilog.Sinks.Seq" /> <add key="serilog:write-to:Seq.serverUrl" value="http://localhost:5341" /> <add key="serilog:write-to:Seq.apiKey" value="" /> ``` My example test transformation includes the API key & server (redacted): ``` <add key="serilog:minimum-level" value="Information" xdt:Locator="Match(key)" xdt:Transform="SetAttributes(value)" /> <add key="serilog:write-to:Seq.serverUrl" value="http://[Redacted]:5341" xdt:Locator="Match(key)" xdt:Transform="SetAttributes(value)" /> <add key="serilog:write-to:Seq.apiKey" value="[Redacted]" xdt:Locator="Match(key)" xdt:Transform="SetAttributes(value)" /> ``` In an Autofac module, I have: ``` private ILogger WireUpSerilog() { var levelSwitch = new LoggingLevelSwitch(); var envName = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Environment"]; var logger = new LoggerConfiguration() .ReadFrom.AppSettings() .MinimumLevel.ControlledBy(levelSwitch) .Enrich.WithProperty("Environment", envName) .Enrich.WithEnvironmentUserName() .Enrich.WithMachineName() .CreateLogger(); Log.Logger = logger; return logger; } ``` which is then wired up as: ``` builder.Register(c => WireUpSerilog()).As<ILogger>().InstancePerLifetimeScope(); ``` Is this sufficient to enable dynamic logging levels via API keys? Or is there anything I'm missing here? Do I need to specify the use of LoggingLevelSwitch in the config itself? Just making sure.

JSON properties

Is there a way to query or get the values inside a JSON in one property i.e. {"MessageTime":"00:00:00","IsRecording":true,"IsVideoOk":true,"IsHdOk":true} I'm trying to get the MessageTime

Feature request - Alerts

Hi. Really like new alerts functionality. Would it be possible to add a time window for alerts? Like working hours (eg between 06:00 and 18:00) or during only within working days (monday to friday).

StartOfWeek in picker

Is it possible to configure the start of week in the datetime picker? Its a minor issue but ive had a few users ask how to change it so I thought I would ping you guys. Thanks!

"The maintenance period on this Seq instance has expired" and no events delivered.

Hi. I just reinstalled Seq for the first time in ages, and it keeps showing a little "i" logo in the menu bar which, when I click it, says: ``` The maintenance period on this Seq instance has expired. To continue receiving support and upgrades, please update the license. ``` Does this have any effect besides showing that message? I'm trying to work out why events logged from Serilog never actually wind up on the Seq server and I'd like to eliminate this from the list of things to check.

Export CSV with all properties

When I export events to CSV, not all the event properties are included. How can I set it to include all properties? Thanks.