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Email.Digest requires Maximum Batch Size

When saving without a max batch size, I get: Could not save app instance A value must be provided for the 'Maximum batch size' setting. Although the setting itself says: The maximum number of events to package into a single batch. If not specified, the default limit of 50 will be applied.

Custom bevel bullet colors

Is there a way to customize level bullet colors? If not, can you please make different those? Right now it looks like - Critical & Error have same color, - Warning is OK, Information has no color (or white), - Debug and Trace are gray which makes it no good for review process. Thanks in advance ![]( and

SQL Queries - full reference

Hi, is there a full reference of operators available when using SQL queries? I have following query ```SQL select EventData.SubmissionId as Submission, EventData.Database, EventData.Schema, EventData.Table, round(DurationMilliseconds / 1000, 0) as DurationSeconds from stream where Has(EventData.Table) ``` which uses undocumented operator "/" and the "round" function - also undocumented. This is kind of cool, but I also need to concatenate Database, Schema and Table into a single string and cannot find a reference of allowed operators and functions anywhere. Cheers Dusan

Displaying More Information?

Hello Community, Well, I am happy to say that I am *finally* digging into Seq! :D It's really awesome. I have a few questions though: 1) Is there a way to color-code the EventType based on the level? I see that Warning appears to be yellowish, but debug and verbose are the same color? It would be nice to get this configured. 2) I see that there is an "Arrival" property? I am curious how I get this to display along with anything else when the results return. Thanks for any assistance! Michael

Error Unable to compact extent in log

I'm seeing the following error repeated (daily) in our logs: 2016-11-14 23:49:56.542 +01:00 [Error] Unable to compact extent "4/27/2016" Seq.SeqException: Defragmentation of 4/27/2016 failed; ESENTUTL returned -1022 at Seq.Storage.Events.Extents.Extent.Compact(Boolean full) at Seq.Storage.Events.Extents.Extent.TryCompact(Boolean full) at Seq.Storage.Events.ExtentCompactor.Compact(ExtentMap extents, CancellationToken cancel) Is this something that will resolve itself?

Extension kills Seq

I know you're not responsible for a 3rd party apps, but the one I use started throwing exceptions yesterday (after updating HipChat server to 2.0.7). However, this caused Seq to fail and stop as well. I had to disable the plugin in order to make Seq working again, but in order to do so I had to turn it on first (sick cycle and I lost some logs due to that). Eventually I managed to sort it out by removing the content of the "Extents" folder, then launching Seq and quickly removing the HipChat extension. This is not right that an exception in an app kills whole Seq. As a suggestion of solving the issue: would it be painful to provide an option that allows to disable an App ? Can't see anything like this at the moment - If it's not a big deal then it might be worth going one step ahead and changing the current implementation: on a Seq App exception it gets disabled instead of killing whole service.

How to (easily) show events around a specific event?

I could really use the functionality that would allow us to show the context of events around a single event in the log. For instance, I would like to easily show 10 minutes before and after an error event I have found. Is there a quick way to do this?

Is it possible to export/import multiple Signals at once.

I have a local server of Seq, and a remote server where the app is deployed. I usually have to track the same signals in both servers, and I constantly find myself copying signals from each other manually. I'd like to be able to sync them as a batch, or import/export a set of them at once. Thanks in advance.

AAD reset is not working

seq.exe stop seq.exe auth --basic -u "yourusername" -p "yourpassword" seq.exe start Seq login page still wants to login via AAD. How can I reset Seq to either no login or basic user login?

is there a way to see scopes seq that I post from DotNet Core app?

Is there a way to see scopes in seq? e.g. ``` public class Program { static ILogger Logger { get; } = ApplicationLogging.CreateLogger<Program>(); public static void Main(string[] args = null) { ApplicationLogging.LoggerFactory.AddConsole(true); Logger.LogInformation( "This is a test of the emergency broadcast system."); using (Logger.BeginScopeImpl(nameof(Main))) { Logger.LogInformation("Begin using controller"); Controller controller = new Controller(); controller.Initialize(); Logger.LogInformation("End using controller"); } Logger.Log(LogLevel.Information, 0, "Shutting Down...", null, null); } } ```

How can I quickly copy a link to an event?

I know that I can pin an event to a user, or create a bookmark, but how can I quickly get a link directly to an event?

Permanent retention of messages on Seq server

I know I can configure Seq to delete events of certain type. However what I would like to understand is it a good idea to use seq as permanent store of a certain type of message. My use case is audit log. I want to write my system log messages like Debug, Info, etc to Seq. However I also want to write DB audit messages for example if a certain table column was updated I want to retain its old value in Seq. I can do it from a implementation point of view but my questions are Is it a good Idea to do so? Can I create a retention policy which will never delete audit events but may delete all the other events?

The free single-user license is enabled out-of-the-box

Hi, What is mean by The free single-user license is enabled out-of-the-box. Does it mean that it's free for single user for lifetime or only for 30 days? What about the developer licence for single user and 5 users? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks, Sushil Kumar

Seq Server Terminated Unexpectedly

Seq server is been terminated randomly (once a week/month) with this error: "Application: seq.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an internal error in the .NET Runtime at IP 000007FEF5D3A38E (000007FEF5B20000) with exit code 80131506." It seems that has to do with garbage collection dysfunction (see The configuration of the server that hosts Seq is 20GB RAM, 4CPUs under VMware virtualization. Is this a known issue?

"Timeout was reached" on Windows Server 2016

Hi, Just upgraded to Windows Server 2016 ... everything is running ... well ... almost ... I get this error when the server have been rebooted ... seems the service takes to long to return from the start method when booted. This is from the Event Log. * The Seq service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. * A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Seq service to connect. If I then after the server have been running a little tries to start it again ... it runs. I know this is something in the start method you are using that takes to long to start on a fresh boot. Should be easy to fix I guess ... Let me know if you need more information ...

Does Seq support properties starting with "@"?

I have a spot in my code where I user Serilog to log some information about a DB call -- namely, the SQL being used and the parameter values. The parameter names and values are logged "as-is" -- i.e the parameters all start with an "@" sign. Here's a sample JSON of one of the log messages: { "@t": "2016-10-12T19:22:48.6078145Z", "@mt": "Sample Message", "@m": "Sample Message", "@i": "de16d090", "@@field": "15", "SQL": "select * from table where field = @field", "Application": "Test" } I'm finding that I can't query on the fields that start with an "@". For example, I wanted to find all queries on a particular table with a certain parameter value: `Contains(SQL, "table") && @field == "15"` Doesn't return anything. I've also tried `@@field == "15"` but that doesn't work either.

Change Page Title per installation?

I've used the "Theme" settings and some CSS to make a visual differentiation between multiple SEQ instances but the browser title is still simply "Seq". If I have a bunch of browsers tabs open, all I see is "Seq". I couldn't find anywhere in the UI where the page title was configurable. I'd like to have something like "Seq - DEV" and "Seq - PROD". Is this currently possible? Thanks.


Is there any Linux/Postgres alternative planned? We are heavily moving away from windows servers for our hosting env and while seq/serilog is a great thing it does hurt a little to have this one windows server left Thanks Paul Mertens

Phantom SIgnal!

I've somehow managed to end up with two signals with the same name. Only one shows up in the events view, but both show up when adding an app. I've managed to rename the visible one so I can tell them apart, but it's bugging me that I have the phantom one in the dropdown list for setting up apps. Any idea how I can get rid of it? Cheers, Dan.

NLog Data access

I know I can add <property> to get NLog layout renderers but is there a way to pull the exception data values into seq?