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Hi Nick, I love Seq, but I'm embarrassed to admit that I've struggled with the Tags feature. I totally misunderstood what you intended "Tags" to do. In spite of the prominent *"TAGS: Use the tick-mark beside property names to show them as top-level tags."* label, I was convinced that I __must__ need to convert a filter expression or a Signal into a Tag. The help page has no mention of the Tags feature, but I eventually figured out that you "Tag" specific properties to force rows that include that property to display their value within the row summary using a distinct background color per Tag. Nice. Let me make the case for a different feature then. For now let's call it "Flag". I'd like to be able to turn any filter or query that I've defined into a "Flag". This filter expression would then be used to identify matching rows and annotate them with the Flag name(s) and/or use a distinct style to visually highlight them. Tags are shown as colored [myTag] blocks inserted into the row. Flags could be similar, or perhaps they could alter the row styles in some way? e.g. change the background color of matching rows. Although that would be messy for rows with multiple Flags, it would be ideal for visualizing interactions between multiple source systems. There would then be choices to "move to Signal" and "move to Flag". It would be really nice to be able to edit them to choose whether they should act as Filters or Flags. I was worried you were running out of things to do... Tom

Posted by Tom Grant 5 years ago