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Are there Log4j 2 Appenders for Seq?

I see the log4net appender support, but not Log4j 2. Any community support ones available?

Upgrade from 2.4.2

I'm looking to upgrade our current Seq instances from 2.4.2 to the most current version (3.2). Is that upgrade path supported and is there anything special I'll need to do or consider beforehand?

Continuous data export

I feel like I'm asking something pretty obvious, but I sincerely can't find it in documentation. Does Seq support automated data export to other data storages? E.g., we'd like to run some analytics over the gathered events, but we'd like to do it in our BI tool, and we'd like the data to be moved from Seq to the BI daily (or hourly). How do we approach this?

Is it possible to provide the log time?

Currently the time displayed for the log entry appears to be the time it was received. This is a problem when you have multiple systems all logging as the logs can be quite out of order even when the machine clocks are perfectly in sync. Is it possible to provide the time that should be used for the log time?

Seq Enterprise Licensing

I just purchased an enterprise license for Seq and I'd like to understand how the restrictions on the number of servers/instances associated with that license. We host multiple instances of Seq on one server, in that scenario do those instances count against our license limit or is it just the physical server itself that counts?

Guidance on environment segregation

Hello, Do you have any guidance on whether to run three discrete Seq instances for dev/qa/prod, or should we send all data at a single instance, and split into _signals_ there?

SQL and dot in property name.

For reasons that seemed better at the time, I have some properties with a dot in the name. For example: @Properties["Request.StopWatch"] > 10000 Which works fine. However I do not know the syntax for SQL like queries, e.g.: select @Properties['Request.StopWatch'] from stream limit 1000

Signals Hierarchy

I have now dozens of applications logged by Seq and I have created a lot of signals (some for using for apps (for sample e-mail on exception) and some for filter the events quickly.) It should be nice if we can have hierarchy in the signals. Not Something too complicated, but just a 2 levels hierarchy. Folders with inside some signals, and when we must select a signal (in an app instance config), the name of the signal should be "Folder - Signal". I think it's not necessary to have more levels. Regards Valentin

Why does the installer open explorer?

Hey Nick. It's actually a bug report ;-) I just ran the latest installer (3.2.16) on a machine without Seq, and on the last step I mashed the button to browse to Seq. The installer closed and Explorer opened, but localhost:5341 did not. It's ok though I figured out the port number myself. Cheers Ben

Prevent signal from being cleaned up

A nice feature to have would be to create a signal which can be excluded from retention policies.

Trouble shooting durable logging

Hey, How can I provide durable logging by specifying a JSON file that's accessible by multiple threads? Now by default the bufferfile is only accessible by one thread, but my application can log from different threads using the same logging instance. Any idea on how to solve this problem? Thanks!

Durable logging with oversized event

Hey, When I enable durable logging and try to log an event, using Serilog, that exceeds the systems defined event size, the event is still logged to the JSON file and Serilogs SelfLog reports an error. That part is fine by me but then Serilog continuously tries to write the event to Seq which fails every time and therefor Serilog keeps posting the same message (" RequestEntityTooLarge: ....) to the SelfLog. I would expect that the serilog wouldn't keep on trying to log the oversized event in the JSON file to Seq. Is there any way to solve this? Thanks!

Seq forwarder loses the api keys

Hello, I have a server with many applications, and I want to use Seq forwarder on it. My applications use api keys, but the seq server don't receive them, and if I put one in the seq forwarder configuration, all my events have the same key. I understand that the forwarder don't have the list of the api keys and cannot filter the requests, but it should forward the api keys to the seq server. The "applied properties", "filter", and "minimum level" are great and should be available even with the forwarder.

Java/Scala support

Hi, I'm loving Seq so much I'd like to use it for our server-side components, some of which are written in Scala. Is there any support for Java or Scala inputs?

Retention policies not working

We have been running Seq in a production manner for a few weeks and noticed that our retention policies never worked. As a test, we set an aggressive policy to delete all events after 1 day. Disk storage continues to grow, and the Diagnostics tab tells us we have something like 2.25 recorded days (depending on when we check). Eventually, we run out of disk space and get hosed. I have tried: - simple service restart - server reboot - deleting the entire data folder (Extents, AppData, Packages, etc) and doing service restart None of these things have worked. We are running on Windows Server 2012 R2 and the service runs as "Local System". Am I missing something? Is there anything I can do/run to help figure this out? Thank you!

Seq forwarder batch size

Hello, If the main seq server is online, how many events are sent in each batch by seq forwarder? Can we set this value? Thanks

Log4Net properties

Hi there, can you demonstrate how to track multiple applications and environments using log4net ? The help shows how to create an 'Environment' property to the logger config. Can this be done with log4net ? Thanks in advance. Damien.

Limit memory usage of getseq

I've got 12GB of memory on this machine, and seq often takes up 4GB without thinking. This slows up other processes that need it, such as Tableau or the occasional game :) How can I limit how much memory seq is taking?

Demo Seq instance

Hello, I'm interested in reviewing / sharing features of the web ui on a Seq instance with my team. Is there a demo/sample instance running on a public URL that can be used for this purpose?

How to disable ssl for seq server

I recently configured seq ssl with a trial certificate. I would now like to revert back to the free http version. I could not find how to do it in the documentation.