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configure seq forwarder to pickup log file

i installed seq forwarder and seq on my workstation. i have my log files in c:\temp\ how can i configure seq forwarder to pickup the files?

Increasing maximum event size?

I need to log REALLY BIG xml payloads (soap request/response messages). In general, most of them are not that big and log to Seq just fine. However, some of them are as large as 1.5MB and they are not logging. Looking at the ingestion log I see the message: Rejecting payload from "::1" due to oversized event; first 1024 chars of 1506249 Is there a way to increase the maximum event size?

Exposing Seq to a domain - not localhost

Seq is exposed as localhost:5341, but I want it to be exposed as I'm running on a VM in azure. I tried adding it to the URI to the seq.json, but still couldn't access it (added to hosts file). I also tried doing a reverse proxy through IIS, also failed. Really want to get it to work :)

aspnet core -> seq over SSL with self signed certificate

So I've setup a separate VM in azure and bound port 443 to seq, from my local machine I can write to it just fine since I've added my own CA to my machines trusted root cert store. Once I deploy to azure I can't log. I'm guessing it's since I'm using a self-signed cert and I can't install certs to the trusted root store for azure websites. And I really want my logging application to run in an azure website. To the question: is it possible to configure serilog to not validate the certificate chain? Perhaps point out my own request handler where I set the validation callback to always return true?

Corrupt log file

I'm getting the following error when trying to use Seq: Error: "Seq is unavailable. Failed to initialize storage: Log file is corrupt" What's the best way to resolve this?

Stored events - encryption

Hello, Are events stored on disk secured with encryption? We were looking at logging some potentially sensitive data so if the events are not already stored encrypted then we'd probably need to encrypt the disk.

Dynamic Level Control

I've tried to implement the Dynamic Level Control used your example: Log.Logger = new LoggerConfiguration() .MinimumLevel.ControlledBy(levelSwitch) .WriteTo.Seq("http://localhost:5341", apiKey: "yeEZyL3SMcxEKUijBjN", controlLevelSwitch: levelSwitch) .CreateLogger(); But controlLevelSwitch is not an argument of Seq Sink. All libraries are updated. Any suggestions?

Attach SQL query to dashboard

Guys, help me please, is it possible to attach selected query using SQL to dashboard? If no, so are you going to implement this useful feature?

Combining signals

I'm using an App which accepts a signal. Only one signal can be specified in the app, but I'd like to use a combination of signals. I could create a new signal with a set of filters which duplicate the filters in the other signals, but it would be nice to not have to redefine filters which exist elsewhere. Or would it be better to modify the App so it accepts multiple signals?

Chocolatey Package

I don't see a chocolatey package out there for Seq...would there be any opposition to creating one?

Clusterization of Seq

I know, that currently the main issue of Seq is that it can't work in a cluster. And also if we have a lot of logs in a minute we could have troubles. I think one of the issues is that you are using flat files as a database. So we can't use Seq as a cluster on different servers. And also searching through files is much longer, than through database. Are you planning to have some changes with this in future versions? Thanks.

Custom Domain installation

I've done everything mentioned in the docs to listen to the custom domain, but I'm getting the timeout error. I think I should setup IIS somehow, but nothing in your docs about it.

Need more features from SQL

First of all thanks for this great app! Two questions: Is it possible to save my SQL queries? Is it possible to add charts from SQL queries to dash?

Events shown out of order in Seq

Hello, I have a system setup with 2 separate applications communicating to each other through a message queue on the same machine. Requests come into App A -> MQ -> App B -> MQ -> App A. This happens in less than a millisecond. When I look at the event stream in Seq (3.1.16) the messages are displayed (from the bottom up): App B App A App A This should be the other way around, any idea how I can check the precision of the time stamps for log messages being received by Seq? Given the apps are on the same machine the timestamps should be accurate.

Add a "Add To Query" button

When looking at errors ... mostly you get ALOT ... of the same when doing a search on some property ... when afterward looking at the data ... you might want to filter out even more ... There it would be nice to have a "Add To Query", instead of the "Find", which just replaces the whole query ...

How do I delete a chart from the dashboard

Seq 3.1.6, there is a X on the chart, but I can't click it (Chome).

Link to remote a dashboard query is offset

The [x] link to remove a dashboard query has an offset so an area above the link is clickable but the [x] is not. on Chome v49

Backreference support in Seq queries

Is there any chance to get something analogous to RegEx back references available in Seq syntax? eg. ($45612) && CorrelationId == 1.CorrelationId <- in this case 1 is the implied back reference. The problem it helps solve: This is particularly useful for troubleshooting warnings, errors and workflows.

Running Seq on Mono (Asp.Net 5)

Hello We would like to run Seq on a linux machine using Mono and Asp.Net 5. Are you planning on porting it over to Asp.Net 5?) Thank you

Azure Service Fabric Support?

Hello, I just watched this pretty incredible session about Azure Service Fabric from build 2016 sessions: And in 00:23:25 it goes into diagnostics, where there isn't any mention of Seq and/or Serilog. I was curious if this is something that is possible and/or planned? :) Thank you, Michael