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Allow ReOrder Dash Queries

It would be nice if it where possible to ReOrder Dash Queries without deleting an readding thmen.

New Event Notification

Updating of the title to support new event count e.g. "Seq (5 New Events)" when auto-refresh is on. Maybe support for the "Web Notifications API"

Combine signals when configuring a Seq.App.Timeout instance

In Seq main window I can select multiple signals in order to filter only events meeting all the constraints. I'm wondering if the same is valid when configuring an instance of Seq.App.Timeout (or any other extension). At the moment I need to create new signals that are made of other signals only to be able to configure Timeout. It would save me a lot of time if only I could use a set of signals instead. How painful would it be to add the signal-composition feature for Seq.Apps ?

Restrict events for certain users (or force a filter)

Hi, For our use case we would like to have a single seq server but restrict some users from viewing all the logs (or basically force a filter for their own application on them). Will that be possible in the future? Or maybe some similar solution? Cheers!

Installing own Seq.App

I've created a nuget package containing a Seq.App. Then I installed it locally from my local NuGet feed and everything worked fine. Then I tried to install the same package/version from the same source on my prod machine and received an error: A type marked with [SeqApp] was not found in <my_nuget_package_name>. Both my local and prod version is: 3.0.30. That makes me wonder: is there any option like "Install apps only from trusted sources" ?

Not able to view collections object values

I have installed SEQ trial version for a POC, and during my development I have found that SEQ not displaying collection objects in details. Is this restriction because of trial version? I could see the value like ["Mycollection"], but not the values available inside the collection

Docker Image - Seq Server

Is there a Docker Image Available or is this something that will be available in the future.

Durable log shipping

this looks like a really interesting feature that would be useful in one of my projects, trouble is, I don't take a dependency on the serilog library and instead ship raw json events to the server. Is this feature accessible through the Seq.Api package or similar?

Using Seq for Heartbeat - Retention Policy

I've been considering using Seq for heartbeat monitoring (together with the Timeout app). I'm just wondering: the heartbeat event needs to occur very frequently (let's say: every 10 secends). After I receive the new event, the old one is useless, so I don't need to store it anymore. I've noticed there's a "Retention" section, but it doesn't allow me to specify time less than 1h. Would it be a big pain to provide an option to specify minutes as well (e.g. 5 minutes) ?

ISubscribeTo - why is this generic ?

Hi, I've been playing with the Seq.Apps API and managed to get the basics. Now I've been wondering: why the ISubscribeTo interface is generic ? This suggests that I could subscribe to a specific subset of events. However, when I tried to change ISubscribeTo<LogEventData> in order to use my data type (let's say: ISubscribeTo<MyTypeWithOneField>), Seq refused to even load my nuget package: Could not install app A type marked with [SeqApp] was not found in <my_nuget_name>.

IIS and custome domain install

Hi I'm trying to install Seq on my server on a customer domain : I changes to DNS, but i can access from local only. From outside it does not work. any idea? should i configure IIS ? Thanks jonathan

Does seq have support for TLS?

Is it possible to enable TLS for Seq?

Seq and Serilog and MongoDB

We currently have Serilog(.NET) writing to a MongoDB database. In order to use seq, would we have to reconfigure Serilog to use the seq database instead? Thanks!

Configure segment interval

Hi, We've centralized all our logging to a central seq instance, but it gets hammered with a lot of log entries. The problem is that it can no longer keep its latest segment in memory because of its size. Segments are created every 7 days now, but if we could configure this interval of creating new segments we could decrease the size of the latest segment and keep this in ram. We only really need the today and yesterday (2 newest segments) in memory with the rest available from disk. Regards, Yorick

Send Digest of Events

We are just getting started with Seq, and I was wondering if there is a way to send emails as a batch once they reach a certain amount or a certain amount of time has passed. Basically, we would like to be notified of any exceptions, but we don't want to flood the email system. So if we receive 200 events in 10 seconds, the details should be put into a digest and sent via email.

Is it possible to self host the seq dashboard within an OWIN app?

I'd like to know if it is possible to host SEQ within an existing OWIN based web application - similar to how Hangfire dashboard works: ?

Sharing signals between users?

Is there a way to share signals between users? We recently got a license but after setting up user management I noticed only I (as the original admin) carried over any of the signals that were previously setup. Some of the signals require a bit of knoweldge to setup, more than I'd expect a support operations staff member to have to know so it'd be great if I could setup signals for others or share them as some sort of global signal.

Can I update existing log entries?

I used the api to back fill old log entries that had only been written to SQL via SeriLog. Worked great! But I realized that i didn't set an important property correctly in all cases when back filling. Is there any way to update existing entries by Id? Or delete and re-add?

Authenticating with multiple Active Directories

Hi, the documentation about authentication via Active Directory ( mentions "one domain". Does Seq support authenticating users from several domains of an "AD Forest" (with trust relationship between those domains) ?

Backup & Restore

Does the application have any Backup and Restore options for archiving purposes. If not are there any suggestions?