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How to set up HTTPS in a SEQ Docker with an NGINX reverse proxy

I love seq, but I've been struggling in implementing HTTPS. In many of the posts I've seen on here, it's recommended to do this by using nginx as a reverse proxy for SSL termination. Since this is my first time working with containers, I've been having trouble in setting that up. I've seen tutorials where nginx is dockerized and then hooked up to another container, but I would much rather only have one instance of nginx on my machine, the un-dockerized one. Could you add to the documentation or just respond with a way to do this? Thanks

Are events stored on disk secured with encryption in latest version?

Are events stored on disk secured with encryption in latest version? We need it to store audit logs

Seq login with Azure AD guest accounts

We have configured seq with azure AD and our users are able to login successfully with thier azure ad account. However, we want to give access to a external partner to the seq enviorment. This partner is already a guest account in our azure AD but they cant login to seq it seams. When he tries to login with his guest account to seq he gets a 502 Bad Gateway nginx error. Is there someone here that has configured azure ad access with guest accounts?

IIS Breaks Seq access on port 5341

I was setting up a server that needs Seq and IIS. I set up Seq first and it was responing on localhost:5341 but after I installed and set up IIS it no longer responds. I have the feeling that IIS is not handling traffic on that port and how do I correct it? I now get that the site can't be reached. localhost refused to connect. Thanks...

Static Logger and RequestId

How does Seq accurately determine RequestIds when using a static logger? We are seeing the same RequestIds being logged days apart when logging with a static logger.

Update Seq

Exist Update automatic

How do I repair my seq database?

I'm getting this when browsing the server. {"Error":"Seq is unavailable. Failed to initialize storage: Primary index is corrupt. The database must be defragmented or the table deleted."} I tried seq stop cd C:\ProgramData\Seq\Documents esentutl /d default.quince seq start That did not help Thank you


I have noticed that Seq.Apps.GenericHost.exe trying to run under my old AD credentials. Since I have changed my password recently I keep have my account locked due to this.

OpenID Connect authentication failed

Hi, This morning I tried to pull up Seq on my localhost and got the error "OpenID Connect authentication failed - No extended description available". Our network installation of Seq is running fine. I updated to the latest version of Seq (2020.5.5361) on my local machine to see if that fixed it, but it did not. I don't know what has happened, but I haven't changed anything on my end. I rarely look at the localhost copy, but I was planning to do some app debugging and using the local version for debug logging. I only saw one post regarding this issue, so I guess it's not a common problem. That post from a month ago has no publicly visible resolution. Is there something beyond what you list in that thread that I should check? Thanks, Randy

Seq wrapper for Dart/Flutter

Hello, I've introduced Seq in my company under .NET projects, now I've been asked if it can be easily used with Android application written in Flutter .... does anyone knows if there's something? Thanks

Seq docker instance on Azure App Service?

Hi all, I'm trying to experiment with the Seq 2020.5.5163 docker image on an Azure App Service. I know there's other discussions here about how it's not supported or the recommendations are to use a VM or K8's. For my experimentation, the ingestion will be a few every few mins while debugging some stuff. I ended up using App Service + Container Settings + Docker Compose (Preview) and got it running really easily. Problem is: i can get any logs to get ingested into it. Is the reason for the recommendation for Seq on Azure to be VM/K8's is because it just _cannot_ work with Azure App Service because of some port blockings? Or it can technically work ok .. just not designed to get handled properly because of the poor I/O with volume mounting Storage-Files or something? For mucking around and testing stuff, I'm not caring about persistence of the data. So is it possible to work _at all_ ? Here's the docker-compose file I was using, for reference: ``` version: '3.5' services: # REF: seq.logging: image: datalust/seq container_name: seq.logging environment: - ACCEPT_EULA=Y ports: - "80:80" # UI - "5301:5341" # Data ingest ```

Seq is unavailable. Failed to initialize storage

So over the Christmas holidays the server our dev instance of Seq is running on crashed. The IT guys got it running again but Seq is now throwing the following error: {"Error":"Seq is unavailable. Failed to initialize storage: Flare native storage failed (InternalError), error attempting to open a metadata store.\n caused by: a frame in the key-value store could not be read\n caused by: invalid frame identifier: `0`"} I've tried restarting the Seq service but it's still unhappy. Any suggestions on how to get this running again please? Cheers, Nick

How to suppress _typeTag?

A structured event coming from Serilog has an extra property in the structure: _typeTag. In our environment, this pollutes the data because our analysts grab this data and use it for evidence to report issues in the underlying data/process. With the extra field, the data is no longer valid and can't be used as evidence. Our analysts shouldn't have to know this or spend the time removing that field every time they "copy raw JSON". I looked this up in Serilog documentation but couldn't find an easy way to suppress this. Some reference a CompactJsonFormatter, but I couldn't see how to use this with the Seq Sink. I would really like to use the structured data UI in Seq, but at this point I have to explicitly serialize the objects before sending them to Seq and send them as a string instead of structured data. Is there any way to remove _typeTag?

Sending SQL Stored Procedure log to SEQ

Hello, I know it can be a dumb question...but I'm in the following situation...a lot of business logic is inside stored procedure and while logging from C#/Nodejs is possible, we lost the information that's put inside the stored...I was wondering is there any way of sending such data from SQL to SEQ? Is possible to use the messagebroker for that? or another SP that call's the SQL endpoint and then send those events? Any suggestion will be appreciated Thanks

Send an email on the first error but not the same error for a period of time

I am using a signal to capture specific errors and send out an email via Email+. I want to send these errors to our ticketing system to generate a ticket. One of the errors we get is from a job that runs every 30 minutes and once an error happens we continue to receive the same error every 30 minutes until it is resolved. I am looking for a way to receive an email with the error on the first occurrence but every occurrence after that for a period of time I want SEQ or something to check if it is the same error and if it is the same then do not send the error until that period of time has ended. Thank you for the help

Install on Linux without using docker container

Do you support installing on Linux without using the docker container?

UnauthorizedAccessException error using custom application pool identity for .net core 3.1 web app logging to Seq

I want to make sure this is possible. I can't image that it isn't. I have set up the application pool identity to use a domain account, and I've set an API key for the web app. Now when I start the web app and navigate to it, I get the following error: An unhandled exception occurred while processing the request. UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\ASP.NET\DataProtection-Keys\7d3eb199-bf4a-47dd-acb9-3589a1bd14df.tmp' is denied. System.IO.FileStream.ValidateFileHandle(SafeFileHandle fileHandle) CryptographicException: An error occurred while trying to encrypt the provided data. Refer to the inner exception for more information. If I set the application pool to load the user profile, then it works, but this causes other issues in my web app. I can also give the domain account write access to the folder, and this solves the problem, but I don't like that solution. Is it possible to use a domain account? Is the solution to load the user profile? I hope not because I don't think I can resolve the other issue when I do that. I'm only using the single license version (at home), but so far I've found Seq amazing and have already talked to my manager at work about getting a license and using this at work.

Support for multiple applications

Hi, I have searched high and low and I am finding almost no info on Seq supporting multiple applications. What I am after is something like the following Walk up to dashboard and see a list of logged applications. 1. Be able to select an app and then look at its logs / monitor / dashboard etc 2. Be able to send someone an app specific link to Seq, so clicking on it brings them to Seq 3. and loads the particular apps logs. 4. Make multi-app support very easy to configure from client. i.e. just set an App Name or tag, and it automatically creates a new app on the Seq server. Does Seq currently support any of the above? Many thanks

Delphi logging to SEQ

Hello, I've to work on a project thats written in delphi 6 (dont' blame me), do you know if there's any logging framework that is compatible with seq? Thanks

Seq 2020.4 crashes constantly

I have 4 separate Seq installs in 4 separate AKS clusters and in all 4, Seq is failing constantly. Either restarts or just stops responding without crashing. I need a solution for this, Seq is not a workable solution for us under these conditions. We can't depend on it to give us logs to support our apps.