These docs are for v2. Click to read the latest docs for v2024.1.


This section contains advice on what to do when Seq doesn't behave as expected. See the support section of the Seq website for contact information if you need help.

Log files

Seq writes log files to the Logs directory under its configured storage root path. By default this is C:\ProgramData\Seq\Logs.

When an exception is reported either to applications logging to Seq, or to the Seq UI, an error token will be reported. This is a unique (GUID) string that will also be written along with error details into the Seq log file. Including the error from the log along with any support ticket will help us investigate any issues.

Log files are rolled on a per day basis and retained for 30 days.


The Seq Metrics tab under Settings in the application provides data on the rate of incoming events and the health of the Seq server. Providing details from this page when you log a support ticket will help speed up any investigation.