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Backup and Restore

Seq creates daily backups of metadata and configuration, including API keys, users, signals and apps. Events are not backed up by this process - use the replication or file archive apps for redundant event storage if necessary.


Encrypted Storage

To protect sensitive information, Seq applies AES-256 encryption to backup files.

An encryption key is required when restoring backups: please ensure you follow the instructions below for retrieving and storing the master encryption key.

Obtaining the Master Encryption Key

Seq encrypts sensitive data internally (or hashes it when round-trip decryption is not required, as in the case of user passwords).

As a further protection, backups are also fully encrypted.

This is performed using AES-256 with a key stored in Seq.json. The value in the configuration file is protected using DPAPI, so it cannot be backed up directly.

To obtain the master key, open an administrative command prompt on the Seq server machine and invoke:

seq.exe show-key

The key is a base-64 encoded value. Save this in a secure location so that backups can be restored.


Each named Seq instance has a unique master key. Specify the instance name with -n name.

If you have configured Seq to use a non-default storage path, you'll need to specify --storage here as well.

Automatic Backup

Seq will automatically back up configuration on a daily basis. The .seqbac files created are stored in the \Backups directory under the Storage root path.

Seven days of backups will be retained, after which Seq will delete the oldest backup file when new backups are created.

Configuring Backup

Backup settings can be customized in Settings > Backup.

When specifying the time of day at which to back up, UTC is used.

Restoring from Backup

To restore from a backup:

  1. Install Seq on the new machine. The version must be identical to the one used when creating the backup. Contact support if you need assistance locating this.
  2. Start Seq so that the default configuration is created and data storage initialized.
  3. On the Seq server machine, at an administrative command prompt, run the series of commands below.
seq.exe stop
seq.exe restore --master-key="1234567abcdef=" --backup="C:\Data\seq_20150101.seqbac"
seq.exe start

All commands require the -n parameter if named instances are in use, and --storage if a non-default storage path is used.

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Backup and Restore

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