These docs are for v5.0. Click to read the latest docs for v2024.2.

Upgrading from Seq 4.2

Seq 5 is an in-place update, highly compatible with previous Seq versions.


No client application changes are required in order to start using Seq 5.

Browser and platform prerequisites

  • The partial support for Internet Explorer 10 included in Seq 4.2 has now been dropped
  • Integrated Windows Authentication is now enabled for Internet Explorer 11 only; Active Directory authentication in other browsers will require a username and password at login
  • Seq will continue to run on Windows Server 2012, but the base system requirements now recommend 2016 and list 2012 R2 as the minimum supported version.


Windows 7, Server 2008 R2

Seq 3.0 dropped official support for these platforms, however no incompatible changes were made through the 3.x and 4.x series, allowing Seq to continue running on these platforms. Seq 5.0 does include changes that are incompatible with Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.

Server upgrade process

Existing Seq (Windows) servers can be upgraded by running the latest Seq 5 MSI package. The server will be restarted during the upgrade process.

Breaking changes in Seq 5

  • Hashed API key storage: API key tokens can no longer be retrieved once an API key is created.
  • Unified sharing API changes: API endpoints for retrieving signals - /api/signals - and saved SQL queries - /api/sqlqueries now expose both personal and shared items; when listing items, a query must specify at least one of ?shared or ?ownerId= to identify the required items.
  • Obsolete property removals:
  • App instances no longer accept the obsolete SignalIds property; this has been replaced by the InputSignalExpression property
  • Deletion results no longer carry a DeletedEventsCount property
  • API keys no longer carry a CanActAsPrincipal property, and instead carry AssignedPermissions
  • Signals and SQL queries no longer carry IsWatched and Show properties, workspaces now fulfill this role instead
  • Users no longer carry IsAdministrator, instead use the RoleIds property
  • Signals and SQL queries are now versioned; when PUTting one of these, the version encapsulated in the entity's Self link must match the current version of the entity on the server; this is most likely to affect scripts that perform multiple writes to the same entity: the entity must be re-requested between writes

The Seq HTTP API and versioned media types

Enhanced backwards-compatibility is provided for clients that specify an earlier Seq API media type in the Accept header of requests. This applies automatically to clients using the Seq.Api package.

Known issues

  • #735 - a very small number of customers have reported slow initial start-up while permalinks are migrated from an existing v4 install into the v5 format; please contact support if you are affected by this
  • #743 - a possible issue with Azure Active Directory authentication when running the Docker image as an Azure Container Instance is being investigated