These docs are for v2023.2. Click to read the latest docs for v2024.3.

Scripts & Automation

Events can be logged from the command-line using the Seq command-line client, seqcli.

The seqcli client is included with Seq on Windows, and can be downloaded for macOS and Linux from GitHub releases.

seqcli log -m 'Hello, {Name}!' -p Name=World

The seqcli log command supports the following options:

-m, --message=VALUEA message to associate with the event (the default is to send no message); syntax is supported
-l, --level=VALUEThe level or severity of the event (the default is Information)
-t, --timestamp=VALUEThe event timestamp as ISO-8601 (the current UTC timestamp will be used by default)
-x, --exception=VALUEAdditional exception or error information to send, if any
-p, --property=NAME=VALUESpecify name/value properties, e.g. -p Customer=C123 -p Environment=Production
-s, --server=VALUEThe URL of the Seq server; by default the connection.serverUrl config value will be used
-a, --apikey=VALUEThe API key to use when connecting to the server; by default the connection.apiKey config value will be used
--profile=VALUEA connection profile to use; by default the connection.serverUrl and connection.apiKey config values will be used

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