These docs are for v2023.2. Click to read the latest docs for v2024.3.

Organizing Workspaces

Workspaces help organize your view of Seq by collecting related signals, queries, and dashboards.

Getting started with workspaces

When you opened Seq for the first time, a new workspace was created just for you, called Personal.


The workspace will already include some of the signals available on that server. You can see that more signals exist in the screenshot above by the presence of "+ 7 more" in the signal bar to the right.

If you're working on a shared server, you can search for signals created and shared by other users. As you search for and select signals, they'll be added to your personal workspace.


Signals you create yourself will also automatically become part of the workspace.

Eventually, you'll have quite a few signals to manange. And, more than likely, they'll cluster around a few different systems, roles, or tasks that you work on. When this happens, it's time to start creating workspaces for those tasks.

The first step in creating a new workspace is to press the "+" button in the workspace selector drop-down.


This will show the workspace edit screen, where you can give the workspace a name, and select the default signals that will be activated when you open the workspace.


You can return to the edit screen by pressing the pencil icon next to the workspace's name in the workspace selector, or by navigating to Workspaces under your user avatar.

Now back in the events screen, the workspace will be selected, and the default signals will be activated.


There won't be any other signals in the workspace at this stage: add related signals by searching and selecting in the signal bar. Each signal can appear in any number of workspaces - adding a signal to one won't remove it from any others.

Queries and dashboards can be added to workspaces in just the same way.

You can easily switch between workspaces using the workspace selector.


To remove a signal, query, or dashboard from a workspace, use the pencil icon next to the thing you want to remove, and select "Remove from Workspace" in the drop-down menu beside the item's title.

Shared workspaces

When editing a personal workspace, you can choose to share it so that it is visible to the rest of your team.

Shared workspaces can only include shared signals, queries and dashboards. If a personal item is added to a shared workspace, an error icon will be shown next to its name. Clicking this icon will give you the option to either remove or share the personal item.