These docs are for v2021.3. Click to read the latest docs for v2024.3.


Viewing and changing the location of Seq's local data on disk.

Seq stores log data and configuration on the file system. The location it uses is called the storage path.

The default storage location is the folder Seq under the Windows ProgramData folder, which is generally hidden by Windows Explorer.


On most systems, the storage path will default to C:\ProgramData\Seq.

Contents of the Storage Path

Seq uses several sub-folders to organize storage.


In this example the storage path is C:\ProgramData\Seq.

Under the storage path can be found:

  • AppData - apps that run hosted in the Seq process store their own files here
  • Backups - default location for Seq's automated nightly configuration backups
  • Documents - configuration data such as the list of users, queries, retention policies and so-on
  • Forwarder - Seq Forwarder data (if separately installed)
  • Instance - default storage location for named instance data (if any are configured)
  • Logs - Seq's own diagnostic logs (shared between all Seq instances)
  • Packages - NuGet packages containing binaries downloaded when apps are installed
  • Stream - events written to Seq, stored using the Flare storage engine
  • Seq.json - the Seq configuration file

Changing the Storage Path

If you need to customize your Seq installation, you can do this using the Seq.exe command-line app from an Administrative command prompt.


The reconfiguration process doesn't require any use of the Windows Add/Remove Programs applet; use the Seq.exe command-line for the tasks described below.

To change the storage path:

  1. The service is stopped and uninstalled
  2. The data is moved, if required, and new folder permissions applied
  3. The service is reinstalled and started

Uninstalling the Service

Uninstalling the Seq service does not have any impact on the stored events or configuration - only the Windows service entry.

To uninstall the service, run:

seq service stop
seq service uninstall

Wait for the service to stop cleanly before proceeding.

Moving data to another location on the same machine

When an alternative storage location is required, the best approach is simply to move the entire Seq folder and all its contents.

To move data between machines, see Backup and Restore.


If the service is being run as an account other than the default Local System, make sure that account can access the new location.

Reinstalling the Service

Finally, the service is reinstalled with the new storage path specified.

seq service install --storage="PATH/TO/STORAGE"
seq service start

If this fails, reach out to support - reconfiguration is a safe process, so it is likely that a few changes in command parameters will get you back up and running quickly.


Seq's own log files

Independent of the storage path specified, Seq writes its own troubleshooting logs to C:\ProgramData\Seq\Logs. It is important that the Seq process has access to this folder.

To change the location that a Seq instance writes its internal logs to, set the diagnostics.internalLogPath value in Seq.json.