These docs are for v2022.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2024.2.

Upgrading Seq

Every few months a new version of Seq is released with an improved user experience, better performance, new features and bug fixes. It is a good idea to upgrade Seq regularly to stay secure and enjoy the best product experience.

Preparing to Upgrade

Before beginning an upgrade ensure that you have a recent Backup and a copy of your Seq Secret Key.

Ensure that you know the location of your Seq installation directory. By default it is C:\Program Files\Seq but you may have configured something else.

Upgrading Seq on Windows

To upgrade Seq on Windows:

  • download the latest Seq installer from the downloads page
  • run the installer, choosing the existing installation directory

Upgrading Seq on Docker

The following instructions assume that you installed Seq on Docker according to the Getting Started with Docker instructions.

To upgrade Seq on docker:

  • pull the latest Seq docker image with docker pull datalust/seq:latest
  • restart the container with docker container restart <seq> replacing <seq> with the name of your docker container