These docs are for v5.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2024.3.


In an organization, a Seq server may collect events from a number of disparate sources, that are then consumed by multiple teams. Workspaces are an organizational feature for collecting a subset of a server's signals, queries and dashboards and filtering the UI to show only the items within the current workspace.

Entering and leaving a workspace

The current workspace is shown in the workspace dialog, beside the Seq logo in the nav bar.


Expanding the workspace dialog will list all personal and shared workspaces. Selecting one of these will leave the current workspace and enter the new one.


The list of signals, queries and dashboards will change to show only the items in the newly entered workspace.


Creating and editing a workspace

Workspaces can be created through the workspace dialog by clicking the '+' button.


Give the new workspace a name and click the save button to enter it.


Workspace tools

The top-right corner of the workspace dialog displays some tools for editing a workspace.

  • To rename the workspace, click in the title area: the title can be edited in-place.
  • All changes made to the workspace will be saved automatically unless there's an error. The save button allows a workspace to be saved manually; changes can be discarded with the revert button.
  • The current workspace can be closed using the 'x'.
  • Shared workspaces are visible to the whole team.
  • Protected workspaces can only be edited by admin users.
  • Switch to Clone to create several variations of the same workspace.
  • Edit as JSON to edit the workspace entity directly.
  • Make default for the current user to open this workspace when first loading the Seq UI.
  • Delete removes the workspace.

Adding items to a workspace

A new workspace won't include any signals, queries or dashboards by default. They can be added by using the search bar, or manually expanding the list of all signals, queries and dashboards.


Shared workspaces

Shared workspaces can only include shared signals, queries and dashboards. If a personal item is added to a shared workspace, an error icon will be shown next to its name. Clicking this icon will give you the option to either remove or share the personal item.