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Upgrading from Seq 5.0

Seq 5.1 is an in-place update, highly compatible with previous Seq versions. For notes on upgrading from versions prior to Seq 5.0, see this document.


No client application changes are required in order to start using Seq 5.

Browser and platform prerequisites

  • Seq 5.1 runs plug-in apps on Windows in a .NET Framework process; this previously targeted .NET 4.5.2+, and now targets .NET 4.6.2+.

Server upgrade process

Existing Seq (Windows) servers can be upgraded by running the latest Seq 5.1 MSI package. The server will be restarted during the upgrade process.

Breaking changes in Seq 5

  • App instances no longer expose ChannelCapacity on the HTTP API.

The Seq HTTP API and versioned media types

Enhanced backwards-compatibility is provided for clients that specify an earlier Seq API media type in the Accept header of requests. This applies automatically to clients using the Seq.Api package.

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Upgrading from Seq 5.0

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