These docs are for v2020.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2024.3.

Active Directory Authentication

Seq supports integration with Active Directory, simplifying user account and credential management.

To enable Active Directory authentication, enter the domain to use for authentication when setting up the first administrative user.

If you wish to enable Active Directory authentication on an existing instance, choose Settings > System > Authentication > Change.

Managing Active Directory Users

With Active Directory authentication enabled, user accounts by default will still need to be added by a Seq administrator.

If you wish, you may permit all domain users to access Seq automatically by checking the Automatically provision user-level access option in Settings > System:



Users must be configured and must log in with fully-qualified DOMAIN\user usernames in order to be authenticated against the corresponding AD account.


If you find Seq is unable to authenticate users, you may consider:

  • The Seq server machine must trust the domain in question
  • Users need to provide a domain-qualified username (DOMAIN\user) when logging in

If you're having trouble, check that users from the directory can authenticate successfully on the Windows machine hosting Seq (it's not necessary that they have any permissions on this machine, only that their username/password can be authenticated at login).

Detailed error information can be found in the Seq log files.