These docs are for v2020.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2024.3.


Details on using the Seq Docker container

Container environment variables

The container can be configured using the following environment variables, passed on the Docker command line as -e NAME=VALUE:

NameDescriptionExampleDefault value
ACCEPT_EULASet to Y to indicate acceptance of the Seq End User License AgreementYN
BASE_URIIf provided, a canonical base URI that Seq will use when generating links back to the Seq server (e.g. for Kubernetes Ingress support)

Setting a default administrator username and password

A default password for the admin account can be passed through the SEQ_FIRSTRUN_ADMINPASSWORD environment variable, or using the --default-admin-password-stdin argument.

The admin account's username can be overridden with the SEQ_FIRSTRUN_ADMINUSERNAME environment variable.

The default when no password is supplied is to not enable authentication.

Other server configuration

More options are available by passing config on the command-line, which is forwarded by the container to the underlying seq config CLI command. Seq configuration can also be provided through environment variables.