Hey! These docs are for version 2020.1, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 2023.4!

Alert Properties

Alerts (including templated email notifications) can include the following fields:

AlertIdThe id of the alert that triggered the notification"alert-1234"
AlertRangeEndAn ISO-8601 date-time representing the (exclusive) end of the time range that triggered the alert"2020-01-02T13:45:56"
AlertRangeStartAn ISO-8601 date-time representing the (inclusive) start of the time range that triggered the alert"2019-01-02T13:45:56"
AlertTitleThe title of the alert, as defined on the dashboard"High Error Rate"
ChartTitleThe title of the dashboard chart to which the alert is attached"Errors in Ordering"
ConditionThe alert condition"count > 10"
DashboardIdThe id of the dashboard that contains the alert"dashboard-1234"
DashboardTitleThe title of the dashboard that contains the alert"Ordering Systems"
DashboardUrlA fully-qualified URL at which the dashboard can be viewed""
FailedA Boolean that signals whether alert checking failed; if true, see Errorsfalse
ErrorsAn array of errors that occurred when checking the alert["X failed", "Y failed"]
MeasurementWindowThe duration of the measurement window, as a time span"00:30:00"
OwnerIdThe owner of the dashboard containing the alert, or null"user-1234"
OwnerDisplayNameThe owner's display name"Alice Example"
OwnerUsernameThe owner's username"[email protected]"
QueryThe SQL query that was used to compute the alert results"select ..."
ResultsA structured object with result values{ ... }
ResultsUrlA URL at which the results of the triggering SQL query can be viewed""
SignalExpressionThe signal expression over which the alert was computed"signal-1234|signal-4567"
SuppressionTimeThe time for which notifications will be suppressed after this one"01:00:00"