These docs are for v2020.1. Click to read the latest docs for v2024.3.

Alert Properties

Alerts (including templated email notifications) can include the following fields:

AlertIdThe id of the alert that triggered the notification"alert-1234"
AlertRangeEndAn ISO-8601 date-time representing the (exclusive) end of the time range that triggered the alert"2020-01-02T13:45:56"
AlertRangeStartAn ISO-8601 date-time representing the (inclusive) start of the time range that triggered the alert"2019-01-02T13:45:56"
AlertTitleThe title of the alert, as defined on the dashboard"High Error Rate"
ChartTitleThe title of the dashboard chart to which the alert is attached"Errors in Ordering"
ConditionThe alert condition"count > 10"
DashboardIdThe id of the dashboard that contains the alert"dashboard-1234"
DashboardTitleThe title of the dashboard that contains the alert"Ordering Systems"
DashboardUrlA fully-qualified URL at which the dashboard can be viewed""
FailedA Boolean that signals whether alert checking failed; if true, see Errorsfalse
ErrorsAn array of errors that occurred when checking the alert["X failed", "Y failed"]
MeasurementWindowThe duration of the measurement window, as a time span"00:30:00"
OwnerIdThe owner of the dashboard containing the alert, or null"user-1234"
OwnerDisplayNameThe owner's display name"Alice Example"
OwnerUsernameThe owner's username"[email protected]"
QueryThe SQL query that was used to compute the alert results"select ..."
ResultsA structured object with result values{ ... }
ResultsUrlA URL at which the results of the triggering SQL query can be viewed""
SignalExpressionThe signal expression over which the alert was computed"signal-1234|signal-4567"
SuppressionTimeThe time for which notifications will be suppressed after this one"01:00:00"