Quick Start

Seq is a real-time search and analysis server for structured application logs and traces. Its carefully-designed user interface, JSON event store, and familiar query language make it an efficient platform for detecting and diagnosing issues in complex applications and microservices.

Seq is self-hosted, and runs on Windows or under Docker/Linux. You can deploy Seq on-premises to your own infrastructure, or easily spin up an instance in any public cloud.

Application telemetry can be ingested from various logging libraries and protocols. Alerts and notifications can be sent to a wide variety of outputs. And, both input and output plug-ins can be written in any language or with the .NET app SDK.

Using this guide

The first four sections, Quick Start, Getting Logs into Seq, Getting Traces into Seq, and _Using Seq, have all the information you need to start using Seq today.

Sending Notifications, Administration, Clustering, and the Deployment sections cover everything you need to know to get Seq running in a team or production environment.

Developer Guide, Troubleshooting, and Reference will be useful if you're extending Seq with a plug-in app, integrating with its API, or automating deployment.