Usage Telemetry

Seq includes a usage telemetry feature that, if enabled, sends anonymous data about feature usage back to Datalust. This helps the Seq development team to improve the product.

Usage Telemetry data sent to Datalust:

  • does not include any personal data, log data or sensitive information
  • complies with the Datalust Privacy Policy
  • is sent to Datalust via a secure connection
  • is anonymous
  • is held under restricted access


Seq does not send any usage information back to Datalust by default.

When administrators opt-in to usage reporting it helps us to prioritize product features and improvements.

Enabling Usage Telemetry

To opt-in, open the Settings > Diagnostics page and check the Send usage data to Datalust checkbox, then save.



Network configuration

Usage telemetry communicates with, using HTTPS, on port 443.

Data Collection

Usage telemetry data records things like:

  • button clicks
  • Seq features used
  • page navigation


When the Seq user filters the log the usage data recorded looks like:

  "Elapsed": 208.33

When the Seq user clicks on the event property Count by value command the usage data recorded looks like:


TelemetryUserHash is a salted one-way hash of the Seq user's identifier. It allows events to be correlated, but does not provide a way to identify the user.

TelemetryId is a random identifier for the Seq instance. It allows events to be correlated, but does not provide a way to identify the seq instance or customer.

Some telemetry events may carry additional numeric-only properties such as the Elapsed value sent with the filter event.


Usage telemetry events are deleted after 30 days.