Details on using the Seq Docker container


If you haven't yet read Getting Started with Docker, we recommend you start there first.

Important environment variables

The datalust/seq container can be configured using the following environment variables, passed on the Docker command line as -e NAME=VALUE:

NameDescriptionExample valueDefault value
ACCEPT_EULASet to Y to indicate acceptance of the Seq End User License AgreementYN
SEQ_API_CANONICALURIThe base URI that Seq will use when generating links back to the Seq server (optional; generally required for OIDC login, alert notifications, and Kubernetes ingress support)

Setting an initial administrator username and password

A default password for the admin account can be passed through the SEQ_FIRSTRUN_ADMINPASSWORD environment variable, or using the --default-admin-password-stdin argument.

The admin account's username can be overridden with the SEQ_FIRSTRUN_ADMINUSERNAME environment variable.

The default when no password is supplied is to not enable authentication.


This step can only be performed the very first time the container is started. Setting SEQ_FIRSTRUN_* after this will have no effect.

Full list of supported options

The datalust/seq container supports the full range of options documented in the Server Configuration reference.

Options can be specified using the SEQ_* family of environment variables, the config set and secret set commands, or recorded directly in Seq.json under the mounted data volume.