Notifying with Email

Have Seq send email notifications when certain events arrive or alerts are triggered.

Seq can automatically send email when events are logged – this is accomplished using the apps Seq.App.Mail.Smtp and Seq.App.Mail.Microsoft365


Email via Microsoft 365

To send email via Microsoft 365 and other vendor-specific mail providers, see the Seq.App.Mail apps.

The Seq.App.Mail.* Seq output apps send email via various email services and are built on a shared email templating system. Install the app for your email service and follow the setup instructions.


For development and testing of email templates, we use the excellent Papercut local email server/viewer.

Linking Back to your Seq Server

The email sent by Seq includes a link back to view the event on the Seq server. This uses the address on which Seq is configured to listen - http://localhost:5341 by default.

To set a different address, either set the SEQ_API_CANONICALURI environment variable to the public address of your Seq server (great for Docker), or use the Seq command-line on Windows to set api.canonicalUri:

seq config set -k api.canonicalUri -v https://your-seq-server
seq service restart


Important Note

The first email app written for Seq is called Seq.App.Email. This is now deprecated, but still published so that users of that version can continue receiving updates and bug fixes. A newer app, Seq.App.EmailPlus, is also deprecated.

What’s Next