Data Recovery

If Seq's internal storage becomes corrupted you may lose access to some log data. Depending on the nature of the corruption, you might be able to recover some or all of it.

Seq stores event data on-disk in an internal binary format that can't be read using standard tools. If you'd like an easily consumable persistent record of your data, you can configure the JSON Archive app. See Event backup with JSON Archive for details.

Recovering from a log file

If you have line-delimited JSON, you can re-ingest the data into Seq using seqcli. See Log Files for more details.

Recovering from .junk files

If you end up with files in your Stream folder with a .junk extension they might contain log data that you can recover. The flaretl tool that ships with Seq can try read these files and write their contents in the same line-delimited JSON format used by Seq.

Reach out to the Seq support team if you have large amounts of log data to recover.