Cluster Troubleshooting

If your Seq Disaster Recovery (DR) Instance is is failing to sync, check out the frequently-encountered errors below. Feel free to contact the Seq support team for another set of eyes on it!

The node failed at the follower with: the replication can't be completed because the leader is part of a different group

This generally indicates that the follower instance was started/initialized before joining the cluster; the error is caused by a safety mechanism intended to prevent deletion of existing data by mistake.

You can resolve this by stopping the follower node, and deleting its Stream/ subfolder under the Seq storage root (the default location will be C:\ProgramData\Seq on Windows, or the /data volume mount under Docker) before starting it back up.

Initial sync timing out

If you're configuring disaster recovery on an existing Seq instance with a lot of data you may find the follower fails to get itself initially synced before timing out.

If this happens, reach out to the Seq support team and we'll help you get started.